Data Science: A game-changer for the Finance Industry

We have all heard these buzz words- Fintech and Digital transformation. Well, you must think, what’s fintech and how does it affect how I bank? Fintech refers to software, algorithms, and applications for both computer- and mobile-based tools that are used to augment, streamline, digitize or disrupt traditional financial services. Well, banks are an integral […]Read More

Perceiving the world through Cameras

“When radar and vision disagree, which one do you believe? Vision has much more precision, so better to double down on vision than do sensor fusion.” This was a tweet made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk a long time back in April. Additionally, in his talk at Tesla Autonomy Day (Link to Talk), Elon Musk […]Read More

aiTech Trend Interview with Ryan McDonald, Chief Scientist at Asapp

Can you tell us about ASAPP and your role as Chief Scientist? ASAPP is a research-based artificial intelligence software provider that solves large, complex, data-rich problems with AI Native® technology. Large enterprises use ASAPP to make customer experience teams highly productive and effective by augmenting human activity and automating the world’s workflows. As Chief Scientist, […]Read More

Flask for Data Scientist – How to build your ML

Introduction:  This blog is coming from someone who has learned data science from basics through videos, tutorials, certification courses, etc. Not having a computer science background, if there is any tool I have wanted to learn or understand, I have always done it in a data sciencey way; which starts with understanding the purpose followed […]Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of DeepFake Technology

We live in a world where we can create visuals and sounds that is not real. Does this synthetic reality lead us to a better world – or a worse one?   We call this synthetic video processing Deepfake. So, what is this Deepfake thing exactly?   Business Insider says:  “The term “deepfake” comes from the underlying […]Read More

The AI-Powered Supply Chain: Better Demand Forecasting and Operational Excellence

With the recent global and regional socio-economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, industries such as retail, consumer products, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and life sciences all struggle to align production and stocking with rapidly shifting purchasing demands. At the same time, some channels have surged ahead: online retailers, delivery services, and pharmacies are thriving. In this new […]Read More

AI for more than Hiring

Artificial Intelligence is a part of our world more than ever. From Alexa and Cortana in our homes telling us what time it is to digital twins solving the problem of supply chains to websites giving us suggestions based on our shopping, AI touched our lives and became present in at least some of the […]Read More

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