How to Improve Computer Vision in Robotics for Agriculture?

The increase in the world population has resulted in an increase in food demand for agricultural products. Due to the limited availability of resources, increasing food production to meet growing demand is a difficult task. The food production sector is one of the most important occupations among rural people due to its underdeveloped methodology. But […]Read More

What is Quantitative Data – Definition, Examples

Data is the main stay of every industry and sector. Ever since the organizations have realized the importance of data for their growth and success, they have started collecting data. The collected data is segregated into two categories: Quantitative Data Qualitative Data While both the data types are important for organizations to garner insight, in […]Read More

Quantum Computing and Password Authentication

I have recently come across this intriguing report – “NSA: We ‘don’t know when or even if’ a quantum computer will ever be able to break today’s public-key encryption” Its conclusion was “In a world where users will divulge their passwords in return for chocolate or in response to an enticing phishing email, the risk […]Read More

Achieving AI Interpretability

Interests in Artificial Intelligence has grown tremendously in the decade due to several reasons: a vast amount of data that can be stored made possible by significantly larger storage capacity, much faster chips to process these data quickly, and great strides in AI algorithms enabled by the computing power that we have never seen before. […]Read More

4 Ways Insurance Companies Use Machine Learning

Every day, insurance companies gather and create an enormous amount of data. Indeed, information is the lifeblood of the industry, enabling better risk management, increased sales, and solutions that are more tailor-made to fit the needs of individual clients.  Processing all this data, however, has long been one of the main challenges that insurance companies […]Read More

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