How AI Startups Are Disrupting The World

A closer look at these startups provides some good hints at what it takes to create a successful business that makes use of AI. What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is a branch of computer science that uses statistical methods and algorithms to automatically perform tasks that normally require human input. It’s used to automate certain […]Read More

What Artificial Intelligence Challenges Will Shape The Future

AI is a technology that is changing every area of ​​life. It is a comprehensive tool that allows people to rethink the way we integrate information, analyze data, and use the information to improve decision-making. Our hope is to use this comprehensive review to explain AI to an audience of politicians, opinion leaders, and interested […]Read More

Example of AR retail Matter to Your Audience

Why AR matters No matter what sort of app you’re building, you need to be prepared for the future of how people will interact with your software. With the billions of apps already available on the market, the ability to present an experience that lasts longer connects to more parts of the world, and is […]Read More

RFID Disadvantages and Advantages: What You Need to Know

Even though RFID costs have come down, RFID systems are still more expensive to install and use than alternative systems such as optical scanning. However, RFID systems have their own cost advantages, such as reduced labor costs and increased efficiency. What is RFID? RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. It works by attaching RFID […]Read More

FDA Clears First of its Kind Algorithm Suite for Personal

AliveCor Paving the Way For A New Generation of AI-Powered Remote Cardiology AliveCor, the leader in AI-based personal ECG technology and provider of enterprise cardiology solutions, today announced that the US FDA had given clearance to the company’s next generation of interpretive ECG algorithms. “Kardia AI V2 is the most sophisticated AI ever brought to […]Read More

How Augmented Reality impacts your Retail Sales?

With augmented reality in sales, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process and train new sales professionals to introduce them to your products. Interactive digital content displayed in a live environment allows users to immediately understand the relevance and context of your products and services. This automatically results in faster decisions, […]Read More

Smart Shelves using IoT in Retail Store

As you walk down the aisles of a supermarket or department store, the digital display advertisements tailored to your previous shopping history. When store managers want to offer special prices, they don’t need to replace printed sales stickers. Instead, they update the digital display in real-time. This vision for future spending is becoming a reality […]Read More

Innovating Smart Store Technologies in Retail

The emergence of smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the retail landscape. This technology allows for smooth immersion and quick access to personalized settings. Retail success is no longer supported by best-selling stationery stores. Integrating retail stores into digital experiences is more important […]Read More

Future of Augmented Reality Changing Consumer Reality

Retail, consumer goods, toys, and entertainment face a number of market pressures. It takes a lot of iteration and testing to light a garment or production line, and the speed of marketing is critical to maximizing margins. In a digitally changing world, companies need to find new ways to grab customers’ attention and convey information […]Read More

How will AR make the customer shopping experience easier?

Augmented Reality is a new trending technology that companies need to consider when planning their marketing. As the manufacturing market continues to expand, customers are becoming more demanding and demanding. Anyone who specializes in retail should recognize this new challenge. Companies not only need to think about ways to attract consumers, they also need to […]Read More