Beacons Technology in Retail: The Next Revolution in Marketing

Beacons Technology in Retail: The Next Revolution in Marketing

Beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones. They are one of the latest innovations in proximity marketing. In retail, beacons can reach customers who have Bluetooth enabled and the right retail apps downloaded onto their phones.

What is a Beacon?

A beacon is a small Wi-Fi-connected, battery-operated electronic device. The device is installed into fixtures or walls on-premises. A beacon can be configured with various sensors that measure a wide range of data, including location, geofencing, and other attributes. They operate by transmitting an RF signal that bounces off a smartphone and back to the beacon, where it is interpreted and interpreted by the smartphone’s software. A beacon’s reception can vary by several feet and in different environments. By varying the location and sensor data received, beacon operators are able to reach people who have Bluetooth-enabled phones or apps on their phones. Companies like WhatLoop, PurpleBells, Chirpify, and others are creating beacon technology for businesses of all kinds.

How Beacons Work

To use beacons in retail, a retailer must: Install the app on its customers’ smartphones Retailers can create a custom application for each store and add the necessary code to beacons installed in the stores Retailers can send and receive beacon messages that can identify the consumer, and trigger different apps on the customers’ phones Retailers can collect data from beacons, including information about the customer’s past shopping behavior, shopping preferences, and buying habits Beacons are essentially Bluetooth wireless devices that emit a signal to nearby phones. Users with the right retail apps installed on their phones can easily identify and interact with these beacons.

Beacon Technology in Retail

By analyzing data gathered from beacons, retailers can know more about their customers, as well as find out when they may be in a hurry or have less time to browse. This can be a big plus for retailers that are still struggling to make their store a hit with customers. Brands can capitalize on this ability by having the beacon display specific information to their customers and offer discounts, coupons, or other special offers based on their preferences.

Tips to Take Advantage of Beacons Technology in Retail There are plenty of ways that businesses can leverage beacons technology in retail. The first is to develop a strategy and create a detailed roadmap for how this technology will be implemented.

Beacon Advantages

Beacons can offer significant advantages over traditional display ads. Beyond its primary use as a “peripheral” advertising medium, the technology is the most effective type of electronic marketing available. In addition to location data and time period, beacons provide many other unique qualities. Firstly, the mobile apps can tell the retail store what kind of product a shopper is interested in. This allows the store to provide the right message in the right format. The opportunity is to take advantage of the customer’s emotional connection to products and ensure that the right message is conveyed. Finally, beacons could help retail stores place-specific messaging in the right place at the right time.


The marketing tools that we have now are nothing compared to what can be achieved. With the right tools, campaigns, and marketing strategies, you can bring your marketing ideas to life in an instant. The steps that we discussed in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Beacons are just one of the many innovative marketing tools that are quickly rising in popularity. There are many more powerful and exciting tools that can be put into play with even a little bit of training. The opportunities are endless, and you can take full advantage of this technology by being prepared. Do not miss out on this huge growth opportunity. It’s time to jump on board.


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