BERG And AdventHealth Announce New Partnership To Decrease Mortality Rate Of COVID-19 Patients Throughout Hot Zones Across USA

 BERG And AdventHealth Announce New Partnership To Decrease Mortality Rate Of COVID-19 Patients Throughout Hot Zones Across USA

Partnership will use AI to match patients with the best treatments based on their biological profiles. Work in Florida will serve as a model for the rest of the USA

BERG, a clinical-stage biotech that employs patient biology and artificial intelligence (AI) to research diseases and develop innovative treatments, today announced a collaboration with AdventHealth, a leading non-profit healthcare system, aimed at improving patient outcomes and treatment options for those diagnosed with COVID-19 across the USA.

The collaboration merges BERG’S proprietary AI technologies with AdventHealth’s patient data to build a patient registry biobank intended to enhance COVID-19 patient care by rapidly identifying the right path to improve patient outcomes.

As we continue to see COVID-19 rates soar across the USA and world, this partnership will seek to save lives by leveraging AdventHealth’s vast patient datasets with BERG’s proprietary AI-enabled Interrogative Biology® Platform,” said Dr. Niven R. Narain, BERG Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our research efforts in Florida will serve as model for the rest of the country as our combined goal is to ensure patients are matched with the most effective treatments and help them recover as quickly as possible.”

This comprehensive biobank patient data registry will include comprehensive electronic medical records for all patients tested for COVID-19 at AdventHealth. Among critical data that will be considered includes hospital or ICU length of stay, all administered medications, personal medical history and patient outcomes.

We have learned that people with comorbid conditions such as obesity and diabetes are more likely to have worse outcomes from COVID-19 infections,” said Dr. Steven Smith, Chief Scientific Officer for AdventHealth. As we transition to a new EMR solution for the enterprise, BERG’s AI platform will be invaluable for developing an optimal strategy to collect and monitor clinical data to better understand why factors such as obesity, diabetes and older age make people more vulnerable to COVID-19 illness.”

The COVID-19 biobank patient registry formed through this collaboration will be applied in two phases. Phase one will release data on patient demographics, COVID-19 clinical information and personal medical history. Phase two will include enterprise-wide data (multi-state) and an exploratory analysis of chronically administered meds that could be linked with a better outcome or lower probability of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

This partnership was originally formed to improve outcome and precision medicine for those with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Sarcopenia. While the current focus of this collaboration is aimed at COVID-19, developments have started to create a similar framework for these diseases.

This longstanding and invaluable partnership will extend far beyond COVID-19, and revolutionize patient care for a number of complex diseases,” added Narain.


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