Brilliance Financial Technology Launches DPX

 Brilliance Financial Technology Launches DPX

Next Generation Real Time Digital Pricing and Profitability Management for Banks

Brilliance Financial Technology (, the world’s leading digital pricing and profitability system provider for banks, has announced the release of DPX, an integrated solution that uniquely combines Pricing, Rates & Product, and Profitability Management. This solution transforms the way profitability is managed in corporate and institutional, commercial, and business banking.

DPX gives banks new state-of-the-art capabilities to grow profits in real time:

  • Pricing Management: AI/ML technology that helps banks structure and price deals to optimize customer relationship profit.
  • Rates & Product Management: Enables banks to dynamically create and modify rates, products, business rules, fees, and costs and distribute changes to the front line with no delays.
  • Profitability Management: Provides a real-time comprehensive view of past and forecasted profitability at the relationship and portfolio level, making active monitoring and management of profit a reality.

“DPX makes banks more profitable, equipping them with the tools to modernize their processes,” says Brilliance President and CEO, Jean-Edouard van Praet. “Given today’s interest rate environment, banks need a new way to improve financial performance. Digitizing to improve efficiency only gets them partially there. DPX empowers banks to fundamentally revamp operations in key areas that impact profit. It integrates deal pricing, rates and product, and profitability management tools to drive holistic portfolio and relationship profitability in real time, delivering increased margins, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and pricing transparency.”

DPX is uniquely tailored to each bank’s specific models, products, and processes. The cloud-native platform is available as SaaS, on-premise, or deployed to the bank’s private cloud. 


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