Confidence(TM) Systems Announces First-of-Its-Kind AI-Powered ‘Do Things Right’ Platform to Verify and Certify Business Organizations Are Following Health, Safety, and Business Protocols

 Confidence(TM) Systems Announces First-of-Its-Kind AI-Powered ‘Do Things Right’ Platform to Verify and Certify Business Organizations Are Following Health, Safety, and Business Protocols

The Confidence platform helps businesses be transparent and accountable within their own spaces and to their customers

Serial entrepreneur Leo Rocco has announced the launch of his latest venture, Confidence() Systems, the AI-powered ‘Do Things Right’ platform. At this moment when public health and safety is top-of-mind, operational accountability and transparency and compliance with appropriate protocols and regulations for business and public-sector organizations are more crucial than ever. The Confidence platform allows business to function normally, while defining workflows and giving the added benefits of verifying correct task completions and certifying entire protocols were followed through an automated display in the form of a physical tablet or a virtual interface.

Confidence Systems - How it works
Confidence Systems – How it works
Confidence Smart Display
Confidence Smart Display
Confidence Home Screen
Confidence Home Screen

“The COVID-19 pandemic pushed everyone around the World into the Big Reset, meaning we’ve had to rethink every aspect of our lives, including what it will take to ensure businesses survive in our new reality. This requires that businesses and public sector organizations create a greater sense of transparency, trust, and confidence among their customers and stakeholders,” said Leo Rocco, Founder and CEO of Confidence Systems. “Health and safety are paramount, both for employees and customers. People reward companies that are consistently doing things the right way. Businesses need to show the world that they are following best practices and are in compliance with federal, state and local protocols. Confidence has created an easy-to-use platform that does just that and we believe businesses and, more importantly, people will thrive because of it.”

Confidence was founded by Rocco, a global product development expert, and developed by a team of industry veterans with experience at Amazon, Fiserv, IBM, and Salesforce. The Confidence Systems platform uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine to ensure compliance tasks get done right and provides a central repository for reporting, auditing, and quality assurance. 

“Protecting the health and safety of our students and faculty is critical, now more than ever due to COVID-19. Stricter cleaning protocols require more communication and accountability than ever before and providing visibility into and transparency around compliance of our facilities management to our parents, teachers and community is key. Reducing contact points within our classrooms and common spaces is so important, so finding the The Confidence platform has been a game changer for our school,” said Matthew Carver, Chief Financial Officer, Canisius High School. “Being able to digitize our protocols, allowing school leadership to remotely perform status checks and verify task completion in real-time provides the fastest and safest way we know of to ensure our internal procedures and county protocols are accurately followed on a daily basis.”

By enabling users to provide photographic or video evidence that tasks have been completed correctly, Confidence enhances transparency and builds and maintains trust. The application has an easy-to-use virtual interface. If a room has recently been cleaned and sanitized or other process followed, the device displays date and time with a certified Badge of Confidence and pertinent compliance information.

“In response to this pandemic, Airbnb has implemented new cleaning protocols for rental property owners, like myself, that need to be explicitly followed and clearly communicated to potential guests,” said Paul Cloutier, Airbnb host, Hilton Head, SC. “By implementing the Confidence platform I can now ensure these protocols have been followed before my next guests check in. The Smart Display gives my renters peace of mind and allows me to increase bookings. Feedback from cleaning staff and guests has been extremely positive. The Confidence platform will help me keep my rentals booked and pull ahead of my competition.”

The Confidence platform comprises five components:

  1. The Confidence App. Business owners and enterprise managers can create, assign and organize tasks within specific spaces. The platform is available on mobile web and desktop, and integrates with Chrome, enabling managers to easily check the progress of workspaces and assign new tasks.
  2. The Confidence Cloud. A proprietary AI engine helps validate task completion and determine whether teams completed tasks in compliance with appropriate regulations and guidelines. 
  3. The Confidence Smart Display. This is available as a physical tablet or virtual interface that provides an up-to-the-minute readout of compliance with health and safety protocols. The Confidence Smart Display proudly shows a Badge of Confidence once businesses have achieved compliance with regulations on specific tasks. The Badge is updated in real-time and displays the date, time and specifically named protocol adherence, when applicable.
  4. The Community of Confidence. Display the Badge of Confidence to either a Public or Private user-defined Community of Confidence. 
  5. The Confidence Marketplace. Confidence Systems provides hundreds of checklists from partner organizations to help business leaders manage compliance processes quickly and easily. Search turnkey regulations and guidelines checklists or upload user-identified checklists to ensure required processes are followed. Verticals include food service, hospital systems, hospitality, manufacturing, municipalities, schools, and more. 

Confidence is currently focused on the following verticals with more to be added: rental properties (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) dental practices, education (schools, daycare centers, etc.), travel, government, hospitality, real estate, retail, restaurants, rideshare, grocery, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and banking.

Confidence offers the choice of monthly ($34/mo) or annual payments ($29/mo) per user, as well as customized enterprise-class pricing structures. The Virtual Confidence Smart Display is included in the monthly price. A physical Confidence Smart Display can be purchased for $199.


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