CUJO AI Launches a Patented Device Identification Solution Solving Major Issues Caused by MAC Address Randomization

 CUJO AI Launches a Patented Device Identification Solution Solving Major Issues Caused by MAC Address Randomization

CUJO AI’s newest patented solution can reliably identify devices that use MAC address randomization.

CUJO AI, a pioneer and global leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence to improve the security, control, and privacy of connected devices, today announced its newly patented Device Identification feature, which will be able to fully identify and protect devices that use MAC address randomization.

In its latest iOS release, Apple introduced the “Private Wi-Fi Address” feature, a version of MAC randomization which hides a device’s true MAC address by default. This new version of iOS creates issues for network operators, as many of their device management and policy systems rely on the true MAC address to accurately identify devices and apply appropriate policies.

CUJO AI’s recently patented Device Identification solution allows network operators to efficiently identify and de-duplicate devices with a high degree of accuracy. It allows operators to continue providing access to network services without compromising end-user privacy. CUJO’s solution allows operators to leverage the industry leading device identification solution for their own internal customer processes. CUJO AI’s device identification solution supports the following:

  • Fast and highly accurate device identification and de-duplication capability to ensure CUJO AI and other Network Operator services remain unaffected.
  • Ultra-low false positive results meaning that policies are not accidentally applied to the wrong devices.
  • A transparent, non-invasive solution for end-users. No software update needed for routers, as the solution is implemented in the CUJO AI managed cloud service.
  • In CUJO AI enabled services, the customer device list remains unchanged. The device with a new random MAC is merged with the existing “known” device.
  • CUJO AI provides Network Operators the information to ensure their workflows that depend on knowing the true MAC addresses of a device remain unaffected.

“Our Digital Life Protection Platform is designed to enable rapid AI-powered device detection, identification, and classification. Our team is constantly working on product upgrades to solve the biggest connectivity and reliability problems,” said Santeri Kangas, CTO of CUJO AI. “Our newly patented Device Identification solution addresses the challenges that randomized addresses bring. We feel urged to create smarter and safer environments for people and all their connected devices, blocking more threats than any legacy solutions.”

With over 760 million connected devices monitored and protected daily, CUJO AI brings to the fixed network, mobile, and public Wi-Fi operators around the world a complete portfolio of products to provide end-users with a seamlessly integrated suite of Digital Life Protection services. Last year, CUJO AI also announced it is providing its AI-powered Digital Life Protection solutions to the largest US broadband operators, Comcast and Charter Communications.


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