Cymatic Announces Successful Web Application Protection and Portal Defense

 Cymatic Announces Successful Web Application Protection and Portal Defense

Award-Winning Unified Web Application Defense Company Looks Back on a Year of Successful Deployments and Improved Security Outcomes for Customers

Cymatic today released data marking its first year of successful customer engagements since its debut in 2019.

Wow! Cymatic has won 14 prestigious industry and peer awards for excellence and innovation in cybersecurity in the last 12 months!Tweet this

Cymatic’s next-generation all-in-one web application defense platform, CymaticONE—the only unified web application defense that deploys at the client through a simple line of JavaScript without agents, cookies, or proxies—was released last year in the run-up to BlackHat. Since that time, the company has:

  • Successfully completed more than two dozen installations in less than an hour
  • Deployed 78% of those customers in fewer than 30 minutes
  • Protected more than 5.6 million sessions per day from browser-based cyber attacks
  • Won 14 prestigious industry and peer awards for excellence and innovation in cybersecurity

“We all look for better ways to prevent cyber attacks from executing, especially as attack surfaces expand and adapt to our defenses,” said Billy Spears, former executive vice president and CISO at loanDepot. “The ease with which Cymatic installs, the depth and breadth of visibility it provides, and the speed at which we can now protect our web applications is game-changing.”

CymaticONE, built on hundreds of microservices and nearly two dozen leading-edge components including Pulsar, Kubernetes, and Flink, is designed for speed, scale, and simplicity. It provides live, in-session streaming intelligence to combat growing attack vectors such as Magecart, cross-site scripting (XXS), code-injection attacks, session hijacking, account takeover, credential stuffing, bot attacks, poor user security hygiene, and more.

“We want to thank our amazing customers, partners, employees, and advisors for enabling us to lead the industry during a time of rapid growth and transformational change in the application security space,” said Cymatic founders Jason Hollander and Paul Storm. “We deploy quickly and defend immediately, with universal visibility across the entire security stack. Our architecture is agile; our platform is flexible; and our ability to protect web applications from attacks like code injection, Magecart, and XXS is unmatched in the industry. We’re truly excited to have such a valuable and supportive team as we continue developing the best ways to protect web applications from malicious intrusions.”

Only Cymatic provides universal in-session visibility and control to deliver first-look, first-strike capability that is earliest in the attack kill chain. It eliminates CAPTCHAs, dark web threats, forced MFA, shared accounts, IP threats, device vulnerabilities, and more to protect web applications from incursions.

Click here to request a demo of CymaticONE and remember: the Cymatic 20/20 dashboard is FREE through September 30, so jump-start your web application defense today.


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