Diving in the World of Limitless AI Pendant: Features, Price and More

Limitless AI Pendant

Limitless AI Pendant is available for $99 on preorder and will be delivered later in the year.  

On April 15, the business introduced limitless AI Pendant, a wearable gadget that records everything said around it. The device, driven by artificial intelligence, has a distinctive form factor and is intended to assist users in remembering crucial information, hence removing the necessity of taking notes. With a magnetic clasp, the item has twin aluminium body. It features a USB Type-c connecter for charging in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. According to Limitless, customer shipments of AI Pendant are scheduled for Q4 of 2024. On April 15, the item was revealed by the firm through a you tube clip. “We are introducing Limitless”, stated the Limitless AI CEO Dan Siroker.   

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It’s a wearable, a Mac app, a Windows app, and an online application. Driven by your words, images and sounds, Limitless is a customised artificial intelligence. In order to get around the limits of the brain, particularly those related to memory and focus, Limitless enhances rather than replaces human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Infinite AI Pendant cost and accessibility, The Limitless AI Pendant is priced at $99 (about Rs, 8,270) and comes in eight different color choices: black, blue, green, grey, navy blue, pink, white, and yellow. Pre orders can be placed with the company right now, and delivery is scheduled to start in Q4 2024. Although there is no monthly membership required to use the device, customers must pay an extra $19 (about Rs. 1,600) for the ‘Limitless Pro subscription’ in order to access the full range of AI features.  

The product will be supplied between October and December of 2024, and the company is presently taking preorders. All conversations around the wearing pendant are captured by the device, which doubles as a recording device. The device can detect and record only spoken words, not background noise or ambient sounds, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. Even different speakers can be distinguished by it. Just half of what limitless has to offer Is recording capability.  

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The companion app, which is accessible as a web app, macOS app, and Windows app, makes up the second section. The gadget records and saves the audio on the server, which can be accessed using the app, after a session ends. The recordings are saved in the cloud. The recording’s content is also available on the app in four other formats: Summary, Notes, Transcript, and Helpful Context. While the Summary offers a comprehensive account of the evets, the Context offers a synopsis of the conversation along with key terms. Notes include timestamps for convenience of finding information, and Transcript is the unprocessed transcription of the full conversation.  

With regard to the wearable’s specs, it is a flexible clasp with magnetic ends that can be fastened to garments or worn as a pendant. When the device is folded, its dimensions are 31.9mm by 16mm. According to the manufacturer, there is a 100-hour battery life on the device, and USB Type-C charging is supported. Multiple microphones are installed on the Limitless Pendant to aid with audio pickup. When it is recording, the gadget illuminates with a visible LED light. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities for syncing data with the app and cloud. Privacy is a key component of Limitless. In order to ensure that voice recordings are only made once verbal approval has been provided, the company has introduced and approval mode.  

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Users do not need to interrupt the discussion in order for it to recognize consent based on surrounding language. Confidential Cloud, a secure cloud server where data is encrypted and stored but only accessible by the user, is a new offering from the company in the data security space. This is comparable to the way Telegram and Signal keep data that is end-to-end encrypted and accessible from multiple devices while maintaining user privacy.