Element451’s Latest AI Product Turns College Websites into Personalized Q&A Machines

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RALEIGH, N.C., May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Element451, a leader in AI-first student engagement and CRM software, today announced the launch of Bolt Discovery, a revolutionary AI search tool that transforms how students get answers to their questions about colleges.

Bolt Discovery combines the technology of advanced large language models with an institution’s website to create a conversational experience where students simply ask questions rather than hunt for information.

Element451's groundbreaking AI search tool, Bolt Discovery, combines the power of large language models with institution-specific content to provide students with a highly personalized, engaging search experience.
Element451’s groundbreaking AI search tool, Bolt Discovery, combines the power of large language models with institution-specific content to provide students with a highly personalized, engaging search experience.

“With Bolt Discovery, we are reimagining how students interact with university content,” said Ardis Kadiu, CEO and founder of Element451. “This innovative tool provides instant, accurate answers and anticipates student needs, offering a seamless and intuitive search experience.”

The new approach could replace the often mammoth scope of university websites that make it challenging for prospective and current students to swiftly — and reliably — learn about everything from dining plan options and registration deadlines to scientific breakthroughs and alumni successes.

Traditional university sites don’t provide the user-centered experience students expect online. Instead, they require students to sift through a maze of pages. User research shows they become frustrated by outdated, contradictory information buried deep in unfamiliar menu structures.

Bolt Discovery turns that experience on its head by making it as easy as typing a question on a school’s site to get a helpful answer.

Bolt Discovery also provides links to source pages, along with personalized recommendations for related content.

The technology goes beyond keyword matching. Bolt Discovery delivers correct, context-aware responses to natural language queries (no specialized prompt writing required) and guides students to useful information.

Early adopters of such technology are seeing students find information faster and expressing greater satisfaction with their site experiences.

Schools with Bolt Discovery on their sites benefit from:

  • Conversational Interface: Chat naturally and get precise answers, not just a list of links.
  • Video and Media Results: Serve up videos and other media that answer students’ questions.
  • Knowledge Base: Centralize content from subsites, documents, catalogs and other sources into one Knowledge Base where Bolt Discovery draws its answers.
  • Personalized Insights: Give students immediate, tailored answers with contextual suggestions for follow-up questions.
  • Seamless Sharing: Students can effortlessly share conversation threads with friends and family.
  • Easily Embeddable: Place Bolt Discovery on any institution website, LMS, or landing page.
  • Scalable and Customizable: Adaptable to meet the needs of institutions of all types and sizes.

“We believe Bolt Discovery will disrupt traditional search and set a new standard for how students access and engage with information,” added Ardis Kadiu. “It’s not just about finding answers; it’s about transforming the entire search experience to be more intuitive, efficient and enjoyable.”

For more information about Bolt Discovery and to see it in action, visit www.element451.com/product/bolt-search.

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