Fintech Provider Quavo, Inc. Launches Fraud and Disputes AI for Financial Institutions

Last month, financial technology provider Quavo, Inc. released their revolutionary dispute management AI, ARIA™ (Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent), for issuing financial institutions and service organizations. ARIA is the first and only SaaS platform leveraging AI and automation to conduct dispute investigations as a human would, while staying fully compliant.

“Our team spent years developing ARIA with the goal of revolutionizing the way the industry thinks about processing disputes,” said COO and Co-Founder Joseph McLean. “ARIA’s scalability is perfectly suited for large and growing FI’s, especially during COVID-19, where staffing challenges and e-transactions are on the rise.”

ARIA collects the data required by law and network mandates to complete investigations within seconds, greatly reducing the time needed to resolve disputed transactions. ARIA automates the reasonable investigation process by presenting AutoPay, AutoDeny, and refer decisions in real-time to account holders and agents across all channels and locations.

ARIA’s AI technology applies proven algorithms to increase efficiency and savings per transaction for banks, credit unions, and other fintech companies. ARIA makes her decisions based on three factors, the likelihood of true fraud, likelihood of friendly fraud, and confidence of the investigation data.

Quavo’s fraud and dispute experts provide continued service and support to keep ARIA aligned with constantly changing industry regulations and mandates. ARIA integrates with all banking systems and core processing platforms, while also leveraging built-in APIs from issuer-merchant platforms like Ethoca and Verifi. 

“ARIA is the definition of intelligent automation. She grants FIs the ability to improve efficiency, reduce the processing cost per dispute, and eliminate losses,” said Director of Sales and Marketing Brittany Usher. “She also returns decisions instantly which greatly increases cardholder satisfaction. With ARIA, issuers allocate more time and resources to their core business initiatives.”

Quavo is an industry leading provider of automated fraud and dispute solutions for financial institutions. Quavo offers full, end-to-end automation software for financial disputes, with complete Reg E and Reg Z compliance. Quavo’s premier software solutions are QFD™ (Quavo Fraud & Disputes) and ARIA™ (Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent). QFD automates fraud and disputes processing workflows, from intake to case resolution. ARIA uses AI to conduct the investigation process and determine the outcome of fraud versus friendly fraud claims. Visit for more information.


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