Groundbreaking Dataset to Tackle Heart Disease


The Thrombosis Research Institute and Protodigm are building a comprehensive research-grade dataset, via the first purpose-designed prospective global patient cohort, with multiple incident cardiovascular presentation, utilizing an extended clinical follow-up, multi-omic analysis and longitudinal physiologic monitoring, to advance insights for precision-medicine development in the fight against cardiovascular disease

Protodigm today announced the initiation of a groundbreaking patient study to bring true precision-medicine to the fight against cardiovascular disease, in collaboration with the Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI).

  • With its academic and clinical thought leadership and therapeutic insight into cardiovascular disease, TRI will lead the study, providing a global steering committee, hosting the database and biobank, and utilize its established clinical trial network of over 2000 sites in 35 countries, that have previously delivered the GARFIELD AF and VTE programs. It will enable the intensive interrogation of the dataset using advanced data science techniques, including the development of ‘digital twins’ and machine learning algorithms.
  • Protodigm will provide pharmaceutical liaison, and asymmetric learning to the study datasets, to generate unique insights and knowledge gaps, build plans to learn, and identify potential therapeutic development paths.

Cardiovascular disease remains one of the world’s most challenging global health burdens, despite decades of intensive, but traditional research. The next advances will come from the application of next-generation data science techniques, to the prospective collection and interrogation of data derived from a multi-dimensional, integrated global population of cardiovascular patients, followed over time.

“This project represents a unique opportunity to follow a diverse group of patients, derive novel insights, and meaningfully improve outcomes globally in cardiovascular disease,” said Professor the Lord Kakkar, President of the Thrombosis Research Institute.

“Protodigm is deeply committed to applying leading-edge advances in data science and learning to accelerate insight-driven innovation. The collaboration with TRI provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate this concept. This project will shape the future of big data science for our industry,” said Mike Rea, CEO of Protodigm.

Protodigm and TRI are inviting Biotech and Pharma companies to join a pre-competitive alliance with the opportunity to collaborate in an exciting global cardiovascular project. The study is expected to run for 4 years.

Companies interested in joining the alliance can contact Tara Raveendran at Protodigm.