Kumo AI Launches Snowflake Native App in Snowflake Marketplace


SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024Kumo AI, a leader in predictive AI, announced it has launched Kumo as a Snowflake Native App in Snowflake Marketplace in private preview. Kumo helps data scientists build highly accurate machine learning (ML) models that better predict user and customer behavior by combining graph learning over enterprise data with generative AI models trained on public data. Kumo’s Snowflake Native App is available through Snowflake Marketplace, can be paid for with Snowflake Capacity commitment for eligible customers, and is built using the Snowflake Native App Framework, enabling data scientists to develop predictive models faster than ever before.

“We understand how difficult building high-performing ML models can be. Our partnership with Snowflake simplifies the process and eliminates many of the typical hurdles that data scientists experience,” said Vanja Josifovski, co-founder and CEO of Kumo AI. “By coupling Snowflake’s well-known scalability, speed, and reliability with Kumo’s specialized AI to identify and maximize the signal hidden in Snowflake data, we can produce highly accurate predictive ML models that are based on the entirety of your data including multiple relational tables, text, and images. Joint customers can unlock the full potential of their Snowflake data to fuel data-driven decisions and make granular predictions such as personalized recommendations.”

Businesses are trying to maximize revenue-impacting KPIs like conversion, cart size, and retention rates using insights uncovered from historic data, but struggle with efficient approaches and significant model improvements. Kumo’s predictive AI solution quickly learns across all Snowflake tables to create immediately actionable predictions for uses such as next best action, funnel acceleration, and segmentation. With up to 75% more accurate predictions and dozens of questions answered in a day, companies can innovate faster, improve business agility, and drive revenue gains.

“Snowflake data holds a tremendous amount of value that can be unlocked with AI. With the Snowflake Native App Framework and its new support for Snowpark Container Services, partners like Kumo can bring their AI solutions directly to customers, running directly on their secure and governed data inside Snowflake,” said Prasanna Krishnan, Head of Collaboration and Horizon at Snowflake. “This means data scientists can quickly and easily take full advantage of all their Snowflake data by transforming it into actionable insights quickly, securely, and powerfully in the Data Cloud.”

Using the combined capabilities of Snowflake Native App Framework and Snowpark Container Services (integration in public preview), developers can build sophisticated applications that run on a range of configurable hardware options, including GPUs, distribute and monetize them on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within their customers’ Snowflake accounts, without requiring data movement.

“Kumo is the fastest way we’ve found to build better machine learning models,” said Damon Bryan, CTO and co-founder of Hyperfinity. “Its AI learns from all the data we have in Snowflake and then creates out-of-the-box models that we can fine-tune.”

Furthering its partnership with Snowflake, Kumo AI has also built an integration with Snowflake Cortex AI, a fully managed service that provides access to industry-leading large language models, AI models, and vector search functionality. This will allow Kumo users to unlock unstructured data like product descriptions and product reviews to further improve prediction accuracy. 

Qualified customers can sign up for a free trial here. Kumo AI will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Snowflake detailing this announcement and anyone can read more about Kumo AI’s Snowflake Native App here.

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Kumo AI is revolutionizing the way businesses create predictions from their data warehouse. Kumo uses AI to quickly create high performing machine learning models that help data scientists better predict user and customer behaviors with best-in-class accuracy. Built by preeminent AI leaders from Pinterest, Airbnb, and LinkedIn and backed by Sequoia Capital, Kumo AI is transforming the future of applications, making predictive AI accessible and practical for companies of all sizes. To learn more, visit kumo.ai.

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