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PHOENIX, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, the country’s leading Nuclear AI company, announces the release of SPARK-mini, the first openly available large language model (LLM) trained specifically for the nuclear power domain. SPARK-mini provides private, on-premise deployment, is uniquely accessible, open for researchers and practitioners with specialized security concerns and consistently outperforms larger, more powerful models. 

SPARK-mini is available for download today from the Hugging Face platform.

“NuclearN’s objective has always been to drive innovation within the nuclear power industry,” says Brad Fox, CEO and Co-Founder of “Along with the AtomAssist platform and our technical authoring tools, we are excited to help accelerate innovation in the nuclear industry. SPARK-mini represents the first openly available nuclear-focused LLM that is small enough to be deployed in traditional IT environments, yet powerful enough to be an incredibly useful tool to accelerate technical work accurately and expediently.”

SPARK-mini is the most nimble in the series of models underpinning the NuclearN AtomAssist platform, used by nuclear power operators and service providers for information discovery, Q&A, chat, and document preparation. When paired with NuclearN’s platform for AI hallucination management and automated independent verifications for technical authorship, the SPARK series of models provide advanced AI capabilities for NuclearN’s customer base of nuclear utilities and service providers.

SPARK-mini is trained on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s ADAMS Public Library—which encompasses millions of nuclear regulatory, technical, design, and operational records, infusing SPARK-mini with deep knowledge in every facet of the industry. This training results in an unparalleled ability to interpret complex nuclear terminology and a domain understanding not available in any other in-class LLM. SPARK-mini will serve the needs of practitioners and researchers that desire to build applications requiring a high degree of nuclear understanding while prioritizing privacy, data security, and offline accessibility. offers agile customization options to meet the unique needs of any industry participant. Our team of nuclear industry veterans and technology experts provides custom training and deployments so users can fully leverage the capabilities of our AI platform to drive innovation and efficiency in their operations. is a leading provider of AI solutions for the nuclear sector, offering advanced technology and exceptional support to empower users with insights and efficiencies. Founded by a team of industry experts in 2020, is dedicated to innovation for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable future.

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