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Nylas Introduces Streams, Transforming Communications Data for the Enterprise

Nylas Introduces Streams, Transforming Communications Data for the Enterprise

Nylas Streams empowers organizations to intelligently and securely extract, transform, and load unstructured communications data to accelerate insights and innovation at scale

 Nylas, provider of communications APIs for business productivity automation, today, announced the general availability of Nylas Streams, a new way for engineers and technical teams to unlock the value of their communications data in under five minutes with little to no code. With Nylas Streams, businesses can easily access, transform, and analyze rich communications data to drive revenue, prioritize business decisions, and maximize user efficiency.

Data insights and analysis provide companies with competitive advantages that drive business growth, yet many companies are still struggling to unlock deep, actionable insights from their data. According to Forrester, on average, around 60% to 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. With Nylas Streams, organizations can transform and stream unstructured communications data into an optimal format for consumption. Nylas Streams allows software engineers and data engineers alike to:

  • Remove organizational bottlenecks by tapping into real-time datasets to guide strategic business decisions. Eliminate data silos that inhibit productivity, innovation, and ROI at scale.
  • With little to no code, engineers can gain complete visibility into their users’ communications datasets, surface meaningful analytics, and load this data into the warehouse of their choice. With Nylas Streams, teams can save months of development time while delivering immediate actionable insights to key projects and stakeholders.
  • Easily structure and integrate your data into leading cloud data warehousing and processing solutions. Transform unstructured communications data into an optimal format allowing engineers, technical team leads, and more to harness communications and AI/ML data faster and with fewer lines of code.

“The ability to structure and use data quickly is the fuel that propels modern business. It is why companies are increasingly looking to their data and technical teams to unlock insights and understanding that can be leveraged to accelerate innovation and growth. Yet valuable communications data from sources such as email, calendar, and contacts still remain highly untapped,” said Gleb Polyakov, Co-Founder & CEO, Nylas. “The addition of Nylas Streams arms organizations with the modern tools they need to extract, transform, and load real-time data from these valuable and frequently used channels. With the help of Nylas Streams, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms was able to process and leverage data from more than 3.5 million messages and orders from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, a 4x increase from the previous year, and put it to work to better understand customer behaviors and trends, curate better customer experiences, and build better products and solutions.”

“We are excited to launch Nylas Streams on our marketplace. Their solution empowers customers to leverage event stream processing with communications data to unlock deeper insights in under five minutes,” said Nirav Sheth, North American ISV Sales Leader, Google Cloud. “With Nylas Streams, customers have a real-time solution to access continuous data, analytics, and intelligence to better inform business decisions.”