Reshift Security Inc. Launches Powerful JavaScript Vulnerability Scanner

 Reshift Security Inc. Launches Powerful JavaScript Vulnerability Scanner

Software developers can now use the Reshift Application Security Platform to find security vulnerabilities in both Java and JavaScript custom source code.

Reshift Security Inc., a Software as a Service (SaaS) start-up that helps software development teams find and fix code vulnerabilities faster and earlier in the software development cycle, announced today that it has added the JavaScript programming language to the Reshift Application Security Platform’s current Java scanning capability, and will add C#, C/C++ and Python scanning later in 2021.

Reshift’s platform provides a developer-centric solution that integrates into modern software development tools, processes and workflows. The platform identifies code vulnerabilities as software is being created and offers immediate corrective steps to the developer. Reshift uses machine learning algorithms to recognize a development team’s coding preferences and thereby reduce the incidence of false positive distractions.

Reshift’s technology incorporates a Datalog scanning engine and the most comprehensive and updated set of vulnerability detector rules available. This design approach delivers a superior ‘shift left’ developer user experience based on highly accurate results and very fast performance.

The prevailing software security model used by software development organizations today relies on an after-the-fact audit approach to detecting vulnerabilities which are then flagged back to the development team for correction. This traditional approach is slow and inefficient and is breaking down as today’s cycle of code creation, testing and publishing becomes shorter and shorter – to weekly, daily and even continuous production updates.

The declining effectiveness of the traditional software security model coupled with the increasing business imperative to reduce an organization’s exposure to the cost, time and brand damage from vulnerabilities exploited by hackers, have created a significant market opportunity for Reshift’s developer-centric security platform.

Reshift CEO, Sherif Koussa, highlighted the importance of adding JavaScript to the Reshift platform saying, “Development teams create most of the world’s software using a relatively small number of programming languages. Adding JavaScript to our current Java capability, and rolling out C#, C/C++ and Python later this year, will allow Reshift to reach 80% of the global software development market very soon.”

The move from an after-the-fact audit approach to detecting software vulnerabilities to a developer-centric model is accelerating and Reshift is ideally positioned to benefit from this powerful market trend. The addition of JavaScript and other critical programming languages to the Reshift Application Security Platform will allow Reshift to deliver its superior solution to development teams globally.


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