Segway Premieres Advanced Micromobility Solutions and Insights at Micromobility Europe 2024

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AMSTERDAM, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Segway, a global leader in the micromobility industry, is excited to showcase its latest innovations and insights at Micromobility Europe 2024. This prestigious event, held in Amsterdam on June 5-6, provides the perfect platform for Segway Commercial to reinforce its leading position in the market and introduce groundbreaking strategies focused on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for micromobility operators.

Empowering Operators with Best-in-Class TCO Solutions

Segway at MME2024
Segway at MME2024

At Segway, we prioritize comprehensive cost efficiency, extending far beyond initial hardware procurement. Our strategy encompasses an analysis of hardware purchase costs, operational expenses, and the full lifecycle of maintenance and recycling costs to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With a firm commitment to sustainability and profitability, we continuously refine these strategies.

Our one-year warranty exemplifies this approach, significantly cutting spare part and repair expenses. Moreover, by focusing on modularity and repairability, we further streamline maintenance costs. At Segway, we are dedicated to providing operators with leading-edge TCO solutions, bolstering their profitability and paving the way for their long-term success.

New Product Launches: Urban B200 Shared E-bike, Apex D100L Shared E-scooter, Max S100 E-scooter, and Segway Pilot Lite

We are thrilled to introduce three new vehicles that epitomize our commitment to innovation and quality:

  • Shared E-bike Urban B200: The B200 is an enhanced model inspired by the market-tested B100 and A200p. This new model boasts increased adaptability to regional fleet needs, reduced maintenance demands, and improved TCO efficiency, featuring 26-inch tires and a 90 km range per charge, among other benefits.
  • Shared E-scooter Apex D100L: The first version of our Apex product line. This high-performance e-scooter is engineered for stability and a superior riding experience, featuring a large battery that offers an impressive range of up to 110km.
  • Shared E-scooter Max S100: It updates the Max series frame for superior stability and reliability while enhancing capabilities with a multifunctional LCD dashboard. It offers a comfortable riding experience and improved user interaction and control with the new dashboard.

Additionally, we are proud to unveil the Segway Pilot Lite, the latest, most versatile, and agile AI hardware module. This module features a wide-angle lens that provides an expansive field of view, capturing and detecting all essential aspects of the riding environment, such as parking zones, sidewalks, and pedestrians, to ensure safe riding behavior.

Eco-conscious Engineering

Sustainability is foundational to our operations at Segway. We are currently conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for our latest product, the D110, to measure its ocerall environment impact, like carbon emissions, expected to be 368 kg. This assessment is a crucial part of our broader strategy to understand and reduce environmental impacts throughout our products’ lifecycles. An essential element of this strategy is the use of recycled materials, which significantly contributes to our sustainability goals. Our shared e-scooters, for instance, are constructed with superior, sustainable materials; about 51% of the total plastic weight (excluding batteries) and 41% of the total metal weight in the vehicles are from recyclable materials. This commitment to using recycled content not only reduces our carbon footprint but also sets a standard for environmental responsibility in the industry. We are confident in our sustainability strategy and its role in shaping a greener future, reinforcing the importance of these practices to our brand and our goals for achieving lasting environmental benefits.

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