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The Future of Technology and Artificial Intelligence: What Will Happen?

Artificial intelligence is the technological blow that took the world by storm. When the term ‘artificial intelligence’ was first coined at a conference, no one imagined that one day, it will replace all the repetitive jobs and relieve humans from performing heavy labor works. The History of Artificial Intelligence Although today, we have artificial intelligence, […]Read More

Best Credit Scoring fintech Company that uses AI

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly nowadays and offers great support to people in all areas of business and the economy. AI is a general term that describes a variety of machines and algorithms that simulate human cognitive functions. With AI, computer-assisted decisions are made faster due to the much faster data processing speed of computer […]Read More

The Future of Eating: Artificial Intelligence in Food Industry

This is definitely not the technophobe era in the hospitality industry so that your competitors don’t overtake you. Digital tools streamline everything from orders to predictable staff and inventory, making things easier for employees at all levels of operations. Not surprisingly, like the rest of the business world, restaurants are now turning to artificial intelligence […]Read More

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

In this digital age, web development is growing at an unprecedented rate. People prefer secure, scalable, and feature-rich web applications. Consumer’s desire for a better experience along with personalized content is increasing all the time. Artificial intelligence can meet all needs. AI can transform web development by automating developer-related tasks. In the digital age, artificial […]Read More

Insight Artificial Intelligence: How To Make The Most of AI

Understanding the factors that impact your products and customers is key to growth. Gain a competitive edge with data architecture and data analysis tools that can impact everything from product quality and process efficiency to customer acquisition and patient outcomes. Our artificial intelligence services turn data into useful information. With personalized analytics and easily accessible […]Read More

What is AIOPS? AIOPS Explained in Layman’s Terms

AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT operations. It refers to a multi-level technology platform that automates and improves IT operations through analytics and machine learning (ML). The AIOps platform uses big data and aggregates a wide range of data from various IT operating tools and devices to automatically detect and respond to real-time issues […]Read More

How AI Startups Are Disrupting The World

A closer look at these startups provides some good hints at what it takes to create a successful business that makes use of AI. What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is a branch of computer science that uses statistical methods and algorithms to automatically perform tasks that normally require human input. It’s used to automate certain […]Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Business: The Future of Business

Business artificial intelligence simply involves using intelligent computer software with human capabilities to increase sales, improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and stimulate business growth and transformation. AI in Business Below are the main areas where artificial intelligence (AI) can be beneficial to businesses: Increasing Business Revenue Artificial intelligence can leverage digital technology to […]Read More

BeyondMinds Launches 10-Week AI Production Guarantee

BeyondMinds, an artificial intelligence startup providing a universally applicable and easily adaptable turnkey AI platform, has announced the BeyondMinds AI Production Guarantee. The launch of this guarantee establishes the industry’s first-ever assured delivery of an initial production AI system deployed within 10 weeks for new customers. Enabled by the company’s cloud-agnostic, enterprise-grade platform, the BeyondMinds […]Read More

Datos Health Partners With Medial EarlySign, Augments Artificial Intelligence With

Collaboration will Provide Healthcare Organizations an End-to-End Solution for Early Identification and Improved Care for High-Risk Populations Datos Health, a leader in remote care automation, and Medial EarlySign, an innovator in AI-based actionable clinical insights, today announced  a collaboration to offer state-of-the-art integrated solutions to identify high-risk patients who stand to benefit from remote care programs. The […]Read More