Truecaller’s Step Towards Cyber Awareness: Launches AI Scanner to detect and fight the dangerous act of voice cloning scams

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Truecaller launches the latest feature in its app in order to help protect users from the ongoing voice cloning scams that may lead to serious cyber crimes

In its battle against everyday scams and frauds all around the world, Truecaller has now brought its very own AI feature that will help its users in fighting against the online voice cloning frauds that make many people their victims. The app has recently launched its AI call scanner which can be activated before receiving a call with a single tap. The feature would take a short part of the caller’s voice and use it as a sample in order to detect the voice and will further analyze the voice and identify the characteristics of human speech so that it can differentiate between an AI generated voice and an actual human voice through the help of its advanced AI model. Keeping in mind the increasing threats of frauds and scams, truecaller took an initiative by launching a feature that would identify the caller’s voice within a few seconds and would alarm its user to be safe from being a victim to any such case. The feature initially gets launched for the people of the USA and would later be accessible to other key markets of the world such as India, Europe, etc. The app further looks forward to launching a feature supported on the iOS system and other platforms.