TrumpBot is an AI “Clone” of Donald Trump That You Can Speak With

 TrumpBot is an AI “Clone” of Donald Trump That You Can Speak With

MasterBot has created TrumpBot, a voice chat application that tries to impersonate Donald Trump for entertainment purposes. TrumpBot was released today, in view of the upcoming elections.

TrumpBot uses Machine Learning to mimic the president of the United States by simulating his speaking style, the content of his conversations, and his voice. TrumpBot is the first online AI “clone” of a real person.

Users can chat with TrumpBot by visiting . If you want to speak to TrumpBot using your voice, you must enable your microphone and use Chrome browser. TrumpBot will always respond with voice/audio so make sure the volume is up.

MasterBot used the small version of OpenAI’s GPT-2 for language generation. Bigger versions or GPT-3 were avoided to keep the responses less human and more bot-like. “We trained the AI to learn to respond like Donald Trump,” says Ioannis Tsiokos, Director of MasterBot. “However, users should never assume that Donald Trump has or would say the things that TrumpBot says. Use TrumpBot for entertainment purposes only.”

Although TrumpBot was designed to not sound as human or smart as Mr. Trump, it still provides a glimpse of the future. If current technology allows us to make bots that can be mistaken for humans, it will soon be possible to make bots that clone specific people. MasterBot believes this is both an opportunity and a threat.

“We think that chatbots can be used to teach and inspire,” says Ioannis. “MasterBot will offer such bots in the future. However, TrumpBot is not meant for learning or question answering. Bottom line, do not make any voting decisions based on TrumpBot’s responses.”

TrumpBot is based on an AI that was trained on over 3,000 Trump interviews, speeches, conferences, and written responses. The text was not curated or modified, apart from the removal of segments by other speakers.

To keep the language generation unbiased, AI-generated responses are filtered for profanity only. Still, it is computationally impossible to ensure that the AI will not say something racist, unethical, or insulting due to its unpredictable nature. MasterBot advises all users to proceed with caution.


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