10 AI-powered Chrome Extensions

An extension that uses natural language processing to check grammar, tonality, and detect plagiarism on any platform or page.


A personal writing assistant that suggests perfect words and phrases based on the content, making writing easier.


Best for transcribing meetings, video calls, and chats with an AI-based algorithm for accurate and instant transcriptions.


A tool for extracting data from websites, using an AI pattern detection engine to convert content into a readable format.


An AI writing assistant that generates blogs, ad copies, and social media posts while curating SEO-friendly content.


A free tool for gathering and managing business contacts from social media profiles to build lists and databases.


Suggests excellent changes and feedback to turn written content into great content for various platforms.


A writing assistant leveraging AI to create content quickly with options to expand, shorten, and rephrase sentences.


Performs sentiment analysis to provide insights on formality and readability of text while analyzing web pages for trend analysis.

Speak AI

Converts written web content into podcasts, allowing users to listen to articles on the go and share curated playlists.


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