10 Hottest AI Startups in India

AgNext Technologies: Offers AI-based solutions for quality assessments in the agricultural value chain.

Artivatic.ai: Develops next-gen insurance products and solutions using deep learning and proprietary algorithms.

Arya.ai: Specializes in Deep Learning solutions for the BFSI sector, showcasing steady growth in revenue and customer base.

Beatoven.ai: Solves music acquisition and licensing issues for content creators, aiming to provide royalty-free music.

Bert Labs Pvt. Ltd.: Leverages AI and IoT for energy efficiency solutions through customized applications.

Betterhalf.ai: Utilizes AI to connect compatible life partners based on personality compatibility.

CoRover: Offers conversational AI solutions, providing Chatbot-as-a-service for enterprises.

Crux Intelligence: Enables quick and affordable transformation of data into valuable insights.

Data Science Wizards (DSW): Provides AI and data analytics platforms for data-driven decision-making.

e-khool LMS Software: Develops advanced AI-integrated learning management systems for educational institutions.

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