10 Must-Have Tech Interview Repositories

Study plan for top tech companies' interviews, covering data structures and algorithms.

Coding Interview University

A-Z guide for tech interviews, including coding, system design, and salary negotiation.

Technical Interview Handbook

Resources to build scalable systems and practice system design questions.

System Design Primer

Additional interview resources, system design approach, and object-oriented design questions.

Study Guide

Links to articles, books, and coding materials for interview preparation.

Interview Resources

Repository covering security engineering and policies

How to Secure Anything

Explains HTTP, server requests, rendering, and parsing basics.

How the Web Works

Examples and explanations for popular algorithms and data structures.

JavaScript Algorithms

Focuses on AI, data science, and software development interviews.

Domain-Specific Study Guide

Insights into interview processes at major tech firms.

Company-Specific Interview Guides

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