5 Text Analysis Tools Utilizing Deep Learning for NLP Enthusiasts

Uses machine learning to uncover insights and relationships in text, identifying language, key phrases, sentiments, and organizing files by topic.

Amazon Comprehend

Extracts info from text and videos, offering sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and content classification, aiding in user experiences and multilingual insights.

Google Cloud Natural Language

Facebook's PyTorch-based framework simplifies NLP experiments, supporting document classification, sequence tagging, and more, with pre-built models.


IBM's service extracts insights from text complexities, analyzing sentiments, concepts, and entities, and supports custom models via Watson Knowledge Studio.

Watson NLU

An open-sourced parser for English, developed by Google using TensorFlow. It excels in part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, and sentence compression, based on a globally normalized transition-based neural network model.

Parsey McParseface API

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