7 AI Tools for Finance Teams in 2023

Datarails FP&A Genius: Ideal for CFOs and FP&A analysts. Offers real-time data access and a single source of truth. Provides secure, visual insights.

Domo:  A data integration expert. Provides real-time insights and empowers human decision-making.

Booke.AI: Automates bookkeeping tasks. Utilizes AI for categorization and offers integration flexibility.

Rebank: Acts as a legal database for compliance. Simplifies cross-border transactions and enhances accessibility through AI.

Nanonets: Streamlines finance tasks and reduces errors. Processes invoices faster and with no ACH or card payment fees.

Planful Predict: Optimizes decision-making for FP&A and CFOs. Identifies weaknesses in financials for strategic action.

Trullion: Unifies data for efficient management. Accelerates audits, handles lease contracts, and streamlines revenue processes.

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