7 Dying Programming Languages: The End or Evolution?

An old, statically typed, object-oriented language with explicit concurrency support. Updates have been infrequent, leading to speculations of its decline.


A popular language for system applications, but tech giants like Microsoft face issues and consider moving to other languages.


Offers intuitive features, but its difficulty and lack of recent updates make it less appealing compared to newer languages like Go and Python.


Once famous, now losing prominence. Developers prefer Lisp implementations like Clojure and Scheme over direct usage


Apple's primary language for macOS and iOS, but it will be replaced by Swift for better performance and features.


A high-level language for web development and more, but early versions and competition from Python and Ruby may contribute to its decline.


A popular language for statistical computing, but some think its future is uncertain due to Python's rising popularity. R remains strong for data analysis.


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