8 API Testing Tools for the Present Year

Postman: A popular tool for API testing, Postman offers easy setup, assertion capabilities, and automation for both coders and non-coders.

Insomnia: A versatile REST client for testing RESTful and GraphQL APIs, featuring a user-friendly interface and security helpers.

Testim Automate: Facilitates automated API testing with a graphical interface, including various assertions and verifications.

Soap UI: A feature-rich tool for testing REST and SOAP APIs, offering access to source code and excellent for exploratory testing.

REST Assured: Java library supporting Behavior-Driven Development syntax for testing and validating Restful Web Services.

Karate DSL: Allows testing REST APIs with domain-specific language, ensuring readable code for verifying status and response JSON.

Hoppscotch: A customizable tool with a modern UI for swift creation of API requests, suitable for those avoiding heavy software installations.

Citrus Framework: A mature tool for testing beyond REST services, automating integration tests for messaging protocols or data formats.

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