Elon Musk's Warning: AI's Threat to China's Power

Elon Musk warned senior leaders in China about the potential threat of an AI-led "digital superintelligence" taking control of the country.

Musk discussed the dangers of AI and its potential to claim power during a Twitter Spaces call.

Musk believes no government wants to be unseated by a digital superintelligence.

Musk recently unveiled his new company, xAI, aiming to rival OpenAI and explore the true nature of the universe.

Musk has been raising concerns about the dangers of AI becoming a superintelligence, particularly since OpenAI's ChatGPT launch.

During his trip to China, Musk had discussions with senior government officials and business leaders about AI.

Musk observed interest in China for establishing a cooperative international framework to regulate AI, although there is distrust towards the US.

Congressman Mike Gallagher expressed skepticism about China's willingness to control the pace of AI development and raised concerns about potential techno-totalitarian control.

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