5 Advanced Hardware Devices  for CyberSecurity

Adding an extra security layer, third-party fingerprint readers, like Kensington's, support biometric authentication and standards like FIDO U2F.

USB Fingerprint Readers

Essential for cybersecurity enthusiasts, encrypted storage solutions like Kingston's offer secure data storage with varying levels of security and built-in hardware keypads.

Encrypted Flash Storage

Trending in IT, USB security keys like YubiKey provide two-factor and passwordless authentication, aligning with standards like FIDO and WebAuthn.

USB MFA Security Keys

Devices such as Winston act as VPNs on home networks, scrambling traffic packets from trackers and protecting all devices from surveillance and tracking.

Hardware Network Filters

Hardware solutions like Bitdefender BOX safeguard IoT devices from malware, identity theft, and common attacks, maintaining security even on devices without an OS.

IoT Device Shields

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