Google and EU Regulators: Conversations on AI Regulation

Supporting content: Google engaging with EU regulators on AI regulations and responsible AI development

Productive discussions with EU regulators on AI regulations

Google developing tools to differentiate between human and AI generated content

Distinguishing human-generated and AI-generated content

EU AI Act addressing copyright violations in generative AI training data

Copyright concerns with generative AI models

Google working closely with EU government to understand concerns

Collaboration with EU government

Generative AI raises concerns about job displacement, misinformation, and bias

Concerns about job displacement, misinformation, and bias

Google employees express concerns about the announcement of Bard, the generative AI chatbot

Google about the pace of AI development

Former Google researchers, like Timnit Gebru and Geoffrey Hinton, highlight ethical concerns with AI development.

Former researchers expressing concerns

Google openly supports regulation for responsible AI development

Google welcomes regulation

Companies taking their own approaches to implement AI safeguards

Tech companies developing AI safeguards

Google actively collaborating with regulators and governments for responsible AI adoption

Collaboration and responsible regulation for AI

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