Microsoft Calls for Safety Brakes, Licensing, and a New Federal Agency to Avoid AI Pitfalls

Microsoft is urging for the implementation of safety brakes in AI systems to prevent unintended consequences and potential harm

The company proposes the introduction of a licensing framework for AI practitioners to ensure accountability and responsible use of AI technology.

Microsoft suggests the creation of a new federal agency that would be responsible for regulating and overseeing AI development and deployment

The company emphasizes the need for transparency in AI systems and advocates for the disclosure of AI technologies used in products and services

Microsoft highlights the importance of addressing biases in AI algorithms to avoid perpetuating discrimination and unfair treatment

The company supports the idea of establishing clear guidelines and ethical standards for AI development to foster public trust and confidence

Microsoft acknowledges the potential benefits of AI but stresses the need for responsible practices and regulations to mitigate risks

The company urges collaboration between industry, government, and academia to collectively address the challenges posed by AI technology.

The company emphasizes the need for continuous learning and adaptation to ensure the responsible and beneficial deployment of AI systems