Microsoft's Top 10 Programming Languages in 2023

1. C++ is a crucial language at Microsoft, used for core applications and game development.

2. C# is essential for high-performance web applications and system-level applications.

3. JavaScript is the most popular web programming language, known for its flexibility.

4. TypeScript, developed by Microsoft, scales JavaScript and is used in Office 365.

5. VB.NET (Visual Basic) is designed for applications working with Microsoft's .NET Framework.

6. F# is an open-source language for web, cloud, and apps, known for succinct code.

7. Python is a versatile, high-level language supported by Microsoft.

8. R is a free software for statistical computing and graphics, integrated into Microsoft's data platform.

9. T-SQL is used for database interactions in SQL Server, handling data operations.

10. Java, although not specific to Microsoft, is supported with its own Java Developer Kit.