7 Open-Source Robotic Platforms: Advancing Innovation

An open-source platform for cost-effective robots and benchmarks designed for research and development on real-world hardware, supporting important algorithms like reinforcement learning.

Google ROBEL

An open-source robotics simulation platform offering realistic simulations for designers and developers to generate training data and develop new algorithms for perception and control tasks.

Microsoft AirSim

Beijing-based Baidu's open-source autonomous vehicle technology platform, providing solutions for highway autonomous driving, valet parking, mini-buses, and voice assistants for cars.

Apollo Baidu

A developer toolbox with high-performance robotics data processing and GPU-accelerated deep learning algorithms for AI-powered robots.


An AWS cloud-based robotics development environment with simulation and deployment services, integrating machine learning and analytics for intelligent robotic applications.

AWS RoboMaker

An autonomous robot platform with advanced sensors like LiDAR and RGBD camera, designed for robots, autonomous vehicles, and drones.

ROSbot 2.0

An open-sourced platform for interactive 3D printed robots, fostering a community of multidisciplinary researchers and robotic enthusiasts.

Poppy Project

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