Top 10 AI Healthcare Startups: Innovators in Health

Babylon (UK) offers accessible and personalized healthcare globally using AI.

Freenome (USA) uses AI to detect colorectal cancer via cell-free genome analysis.

Zymergen (USA) engineers microbes for everyday materials using AI and automation.

Olive (USA) automates healthcare tasks with AI, improving efficiency.

Insitro (USA) accelerates drug discovery with machine learning.

Exscientia (UK) speeds up drug development using AI and big data.

Biofourmis (Singapore) predicts health deterioration with personalized monitoring.

Metagenomi (USA) discovers genome editing systems using metagenomics and AI.

Insilico Medicine (Hong Kong) aims to extend human longevity with AI.

Spring Health (USA) provides personalized mental health treatment recommendations using AI for employers.

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