Top 7 AI Hardware Releases in Past Year

NVIDIA DGX Series NVIDIA's AI supercomputers, including the DGX Station and DGX A100 chip with 640 GB GPU memory.

Intel Habana Gaudi2: Intel's deep learning processors, outperforming NVIDIA's A100-80GB GPU.

IBM z16: IBM's Telum Processor-based system enhances AI and cyber resiliency for hybrid clouds.

AMD Zen4: AMD's new Zen 4 architecture hints at future AI hardware development.

Tesla Dojo: Tesla's Dojo chip revolutionizes self-driving car technology.

Cerebras Andromeda: Cerebras' AI supercomputer, Andromeda, can perform one quintillion operations per second.

SambaNova SN30: SambaNova's SN30 Datascale offers 12.8X more memory capacity than NVIDIA's DGX A100 for AI and deep learning workloads

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