Unleash Your Inner Artist with AI: 10 Amazing Art Generators You Need to Know

1. DALL-E 2: An improved version of the original DALL-E, a popular text-to-image generator by OpenAI.

2. Fotor: A free web-based tool for generating AI art with a daily limit of 10 free downloads.

3. Midjourney: A Discord bot that creates text-to-art, gaining popularity despite not being a website-based tool.

4. Dream Studio: Stable Diffusion, a well-known AI generator, can convert word prompts into visuals in seconds.

5. Pixray: An AI picture generator usable locally, online, or as an API, but it takes longer to produce results.

6. PhotoSonic: A lesser-known AI word-to-image converter that handles complex requests based on a credit model.

7. Lensa AI: Focuses on creating lifelike avatars from stock photos using the Stable Diffusion model.

8. Wonder AI: An Android and iOS app that quickly creates AI text-to-images with various art styles.

9. Craiyon: The mobile app version of DALL-E Mini, offering art generation as a Progressive Web App.

10. AI Picasso: A text-to-image generator based on the Stable Diffusion Model, offering limited painting styles with occasional ads.

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