YourStake Announces Collaboration with Apex Fintech Solutions Inc to Deliver The Building Blocks For The New Paradigm Of AI-First Fintech

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–YourStake, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the wealth management industry, today announced a collaboration with Apex Fintech Solutions Inc. (“Apex”), the innovation platform to the global investment ecosystem, to provide APIs for the next generation of AI-first digital experiences. This will enable fintechs and advisors to deliver seamless solutions without the complexity of building them in-house.

“Our mission at YourStake is to make investing democratized, transparent, and personalized while utilizing AI responsibly”Post this

YourStake’s “Document-to-Portfolio” APIs are the first suite of offerings in this collaboration. These allow users to upload image scans or PDF files of their investment information, such as account statements from brokerages and banks, and for fintechs and advisors to receive structured API responses containing clean, accurate data about the financial holdings.

This simplification enables a new level of frictionless investing across two key use cases for digital experiences:

Real Time Portfolio Analysis for Investment Proposals: The “Document-to-Portfolio” functionality allows developers to digitize investment analysis ‘checkups’ and investment proposal workflows in real time. Users have the ability to snap a photo of their accounts and brokerage statements on their phone, upload them and receive real time financial analysis based on their user profile.

“Handsfree” Onboarding Account Transitions: By snapping photos or importing previous account information, users can automatically populate account transfer details without the need for manual data entry. This improves processes that can be tedious, error-prone, and often carry a high cost of human capital while creating a frictionless experience.

Developers building on these APIs can access the functionality through a single, simple endpoint without worrying about document types, OCR/ML pipelines, LLM hallucinations, or building out support for obscure financial institutions. The APIs are REST-based and offer high availability, designed to ensure a reliable and seamless integration experience.

“Alongside YourStake, we are proud to provide our clients with state-of-the-art AI tools to streamline arduous processes, ultimately delivering efficient industry-leading client experiences,” said Connor Coughlin, Chief Commercial Officer at Apex.

“Our mission at YourStake is to make investing democratized, transparent, and personalized while utilizing AI responsibly,” said Gabe Rissman, Co-Founder and President of YourStake. “By working with Apex, we are bringing our AI expertise to a wider audience, empowering fintechs and advisors to deliver exceptional client experiences and drive the future of wealth management. We’re excited to release this useful first step and to continue to lead the way with developer solutions for the brave future ahead.”

To learn more and start building, existing Apex clients can contact their Apex relationship managers or email

About YourStake 
YourStake is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the wealth management industry. By leveraging advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies, YourStake enables fintechs and advisors to deliver personalized, transparent, and seamless investing experiences to their clients.

About Apex Fintech Solutions 
Apex Fintech Solutions is a fintech powerhouse enabling seamless access and frictionless investing. Apex’s omni-suite of scalable solutions fuel innovation and evolution for hundreds of today’s market leaders, challengers, change makers, and visionaries. The Company’s digital ecosystem creates an environment where clients with the biggest ideas are empowered to change the world. Apex works to ensure their partners succeed on the frontlines of the industry via bespoke custody and clearing, advisory, institutional, digital assets, and SaaS solutions through its Apex Clearing™, Apex Advisor Solutions™, and Apex Silver™ brands. For more information, visit the Apex Fintech Solutions website:


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