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2 Stocks That Will Surge on the Next Wave of AI

Stocks Poised to Surge on the Next Wave of AI

After analyzing the provided information, two companies stand out as potential winners in the next wave of AI:

  • Duolingo (NASDAQ: DUOL)
  1. Overcame initial concerns about AI disrupting its business model.
  2. Its software quickly incorporated AI technologies, such as a new chat mode based on OpenAI’s GPT4.
  3. AI is being used to generate phrases for its classes, and the platform is looking into integrating AI even further.
  4. Possibility of growth into the K–12 and higher education sectors, gaining access to a profitable revenue stream.
  5. CEO Luis von Ahn’s background in AI and technology adds to the company’s potential.

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  • MongoDB (NASDAQ: MDB)
  1. Growing in stature as a pioneer of NoSQL databases, supporting the structuring of noncompliant data.
  2. Integrating generative AI capabilities into its products—like Vector Search—to help users develop apps using MongoDB data.
  3. Customers continue to experiment with AI applications, which are positioned in the second and third tiers of the AI stack.
  4. Anticipated to gain from an increase in demand for AI once companies become more assured of utilizing AI’s capabilities.
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With their deliberate incorporation of AI tools and technologies, Duolingo and MongoDB both show tremendous potential to profit from the advances in AI, setting themselves up for expansion in the changing AI landscape.