AI & Big Data Expo North America 2024: Shaping the Future of Enterprise Intelligence

AI & Big Data Expo North America 2024

Santa Clara, CA – [30-May-2024] – The leading conference for enterprise technology professionals seeking to harness the power of AI and Big Data, the AI & Big Data Expo, is returning to North America for its 2024 edition. Taking place on June 5-6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, the event promises to be a haven for innovation, featuring over 7,000 attendees and 250+ speakers from across the globe. Register Here

A Summit for Industry Leaders and Tech Visionaries

This year’s Expo brings together a distinguished audience, including CTOs, CDOs, CIOs, Heads of AI/ML, Data Scientists, Security Professionals, and representatives from Startups, OEMs, Governments, and Investment Firms. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to network with industry titans and delve into the most critical topics shaping the future of AI and Big Data.

Cutting-Edge Insights and Real-World Applications

The Expo boasts a dynamic program featuring solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and insightful fireside chats. Over 250 industry leaders will share their unparalleled knowledge and real-life experiences, exploring the latest advancements in AI and Big Data. Key themes for 2024 include:

  • Responsible and Ethical AI Development
  • Leveraging AI to Combat Cyber Threats
  • AI-Driven Personalization Strategies
  • Data Monetization and Quality Management
  • Enterprise Adoption of AI: Strategies and Challenges
  • The Rise of AI-powered Operations (AIOps)
  • Embracing AI for Digital Transformation
  • Building Trust Through Explainable AI

A Showcase of Innovation Across Industries

The Expo doesn’t just delve into theoretical concepts. Attendees will witness the transformative impact of AI and Big Data across various sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, supply chain, government, legal services, finance, energy, healthcare, retail, and more.

Join the North American AI & Big Data Revolution

The 2024 AI & Big Data Expo North America promises to be a pivotal event for businesses seeking to leverage the immense potential of AI and Big Data. This is your chance to connect with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge solutions, and gain invaluable insights to drive your organization forward.