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aiTech‌ ‌Trend‌ ‌Interview‌ ‌with‌ Ganesh Verma, Director and Founder of MoogleLabs

As the Director and Founder of MoogleLabs, could you please provide an overview of the company’s mission and the specific problem or need it aims to address? 

Let me first take some time to introduce myself. I am Ganesh Verma, the founder and director of MoogleLabs. I created MoogleLabs with the mission of decoding innovation. As an entrepreneur and a former employee of big corporations, I understand the importance of constantly upgrading technology to stay relevant in the competitive market. Generally, it requires a team of experts who can stay updated on the latest technologies and provide advice on how to use these technologies for business. However, that can be an expensive endeavor, especially for companies that want to stay within a budget. So, we are happy to help businesses find relevant solutions while staying updated on current technology, its potential and limitations

MoogleLabs is known for its innovative solutions. Can you share an example of a groundbreaking technology or product developed by MoogleLabs and how it has made a significant impact in the industry? 

We have worked on quite a few projects since the inception of MoogleLabs, and I am happy to report that most of them have been groundbreaking. And we have worked with both clients and some in-house projects. The latest one that I am personally proud of is SleepBleep. It is an application that uses AI technology for facial assessment and provides alerts in case of drowsy driving. 

Another one that is close to my heart is the metaverse project we did. It is a virtual space where employees can work. It is an amazing product that will help revolutionize the Work from Home opportunities. It offers an immersive experience to users as they get to roam their workplace area from the comfort of their homes.

There are several other projects, like automated phone call assessment, skincare recommendation systems, blockchain-based LMS systems, and NFT marketplace. 

Another special mention is our screen damage detection system, which uses screen pictures to determine the device and the overall damage to its screen.

The portfolio on our website lists all these and more. And then, there are several more in the pipeline that I am really excited about.

In your opinion, what are the most pressing challenges currently faced by businesses in the technology sector? How is MoogleLabs uniquely positioned to address these challenges? 

Currently, the one challenging aspect that businesses in the technology sector are facing is unrealistic expectations of the technology. People are unclear about the thorough potential and limitations of revolutionary technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, DevOps, Data Analytics, Metaverse, Web3 and more.

While someone may think that they can do it all using these technologies, others are not thinking big enough. At MoogleLabs, we have experts from the field who understand these technologies and are constantly updating themselves. So, we can consult businesses well on what they can and cannot do with the technology. And as convergent thinkers, if you give us a base problem that you are trying to solve, we are happy to find the best solution possible.

As a thought leader in the field, what emerging technologies do you believe will have the most transformative impact on industries in the next few years? How is MoogleLabs leveraging these technologies to stay ahead? 

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the two technologies that are truly going to transform the world of the web as we know it, and these two technologies will also significantly impact the corporate world. At MoogleLabs, we offer both blockchain solutions and AI services to clients. Additionally, we are also looking for new ways to use the technology to create in-house projects that transform the world. 

MoogleLabs emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships. Could you discuss a notable collaboration MoogleLabs has engaged in and how it has contributed to the company’s success?

MoogleLabs is always interested in collaborating with industry leaders from the various technologies that we serve. To begin, we have hosted events in the office premises revolving around blockchain, where we have received the chance to share intel with others in the field. These sessions have been insightful and have helped us spread awareness among blockchain enthusiasts in the north region. Other than that, it has allowed us to collaborate with people in the area on some exciting projects.

Additionally, we have conducted interviews with other business leaders, giving us the opportunity to offer insights to our readers. All these efforts are allowing us to create the ultimate solutions for our clients and reach a wider audience.

Data privacy and security are critical concerns in today’s digital landscape. How does MoogleLabs prioritize data protection in its products and services, and what measures are in place to ensure the privacy of user information? 

Every company working with technology and even innovation must prioritize data protection. And as a company that works with machine learning and creates custom products for clients, we have strong security systems in place.

Additionally, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with every client. To ensure safety, we have restricted environment, data, and infrastructure access, allowing for improved safety of data. Lastly, we have policies in place to flag any external user conducting a cyber-attack.

Our robust security system and end-to-end protection for complete safety are the two factors that help us offer the best services possible. 

MoogleLabs has a reputation for fostering a culture of innovation. How do you encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking within your team, and what initiatives does the company undertake to nurture a culture of continuous innovation? 

At MoogleLabs, we constantly have meetings with people at the executive level and encourage all our employees to share their ideas. No suggestion is too far-fetched. And once we have locked in on an idea that can become a money-maker, we are happy to invest time and effort into it.

Additionally, we are always looking for more young blood in the team. They are the ones who are willing to experiment more. Moreover, our senior resources are intrinsically motivated to learn more. And we are constantly looking for ways to make these ideas viable products. Our clients are organizations that are coming to us to solve a problem. And in the brainstorming session, all the relevant parties are asked to participate. It helps bring out their ability to think rationally and sometimes leads to truly revolutionary ideas.

Startups often face unique challenges. Can you share some insights from your experience as a founder on overcoming obstacles and building a successful company like MoogleLabs?

Of course. So starting as an entrepreneur was not an easy journey. It required patience, planning, and persistence along the way.

The uncertainties that are starting your business can be paralyzing. However, it is an internal fear that you must address in the beginning if you want to succeed in the long run.

Then, initially, you need mentors, people you can trust and who want the best for your business. I was lucky enough to have colleagues who were willing to assist me throughout my journey.

Also, in my experience, creating a budget and sticking to it can become a challenge. It requires you to develop realistic expectations of budget for specific tasks and the sheer stubbornness to stick to it.

Also, curate a team capable and willing to give top-notch services to every client. In talks, it sounds easy. However, in the practical world, you need to put in a lot of effort.

Lastly, make sure that you are publicizing and marketing your achievements consistently. Word of mouth only gets you so far.

A company is nothing more or less than its employees. So, if you want to create an agile and adaptable organization that can stay relevant as the market trends evolve and customer needs change, your team should be agile and adaptable.

We at MoogleLabs, prioritize research and encourage growth in the team. It includes the option of paying for their further education if they decide to take courses. Additionally, we have created a culture of collaboration where we keep investing in upgrading the skills of every member through sharing of knowledge, working on different projects, and appropriate research practices.

There is a lot of gatekeeping in the world of tech, as advancements mean a competitive advantage. To stay ahead, you must keep innovating and be vigilant of what new is coming to the world. Reading does help, but it is personal research and convergent thinking that allows us to stay relevant and updated on the latest trends, technologies and best practices.

At MoogleLabs, we aim to be pioneers in the world of technology, which means we are happy to create solutions that do not exist yet, giving us the competitive edge we want.

A thought leader, Director and Founder of MoogleLabs, with demonstrated history in multiple roles- project life cycles, ideation, implementation, and closing projects delivering business value and delighting stakeholders, crafting technical aspects of the company’s strategy for aligning with the business goals perfectly, discovering and implementing technologies to yield competitive advantage in the digital landscape.