aiTech Trend Interview with Raphael Danilo, CoFounder & CEO at Yobs

aiTech Trend Interview with Raphael Danilo, CoFounder & CEO at Yobs

Tell us how you came to be the CEO of Yobs.

My co-founder and I started Yobs because the Future of Work is remote-first but remote and “hybrid” companies still struggle with recruiting top talent, retaining employees, and building great company culture. It’s a cliche, but people really are your organization’s #1 resource to achieve business goals, drive innovation and growth.

We believe it’s critical to define and articulate your organization’s core competencies and values to be resilient and perform at the highest level. And then you should measure them continuously across your employees (and candidates.)

We call it “competency management”, and we’ve simplified this process for remote and “hybrid” organizations of all sizes with a single tool.

How does Yobs use Talent Intelligence to unlock the potential of an employee?

Talent Intelligence” describes how the best remote and hybrid companies recruit top talent, retain employees and build a great culture by replacing bias and opinions with continuous, integrated talent data.

talent intelligence solution

In practice, it comes down to 3 steps: first, you record a key Zoom meeting, second, we analyze it, and third, you can tailor the Yobs analytics to your needs.

Yobs integrate with Zoom, so you can simply invite it from your Calendar and it will record, transcribe and analyze what is said. Then, the tool provides employees with feedback based on their strengths and competencies.

Since every job and company culture is different, you can tailor the competencies measured with our templates or create your own!

How AI is revolutionizing Intelligent Talent Management?

Remote and hybrid work created a massive “candidate’s market.” Organizations are finding it painfully hard to recruit top talent and retain employees because well-funded competition for talent is popping up everywhere. This new reality also puts a lot of pressure on leadership teams to build a great company culture. It’s not about making the “top places to work” lists for vanity anymore, it’s literally about survival.

I don’t see this trend slowing down in the next 5 years, but rather a large gap will grow between data-driven organizations whose leadership can remain adaptable/resilient and their competitors who don’t radically and swiftly invest in adapting their talent management strategy.

What do you think separates Yobs from the rest of the market and AI Recruitment Platform?

We believe the rest of the HR tech market has built dozens – even hundreds – of standalone systems focused on making specific talent management processes more efficient – like recruiting. This created growing HR silos where competencies are measured infrequently and applied inconsistently across the talent management stack. With remote work, talent management teams are undergoing a once-in-a-generation shift towards new ways of recruiting top talent, retaining employees, and creating a great company culture. Remote and hybrid companies are forced to adapt their talent management stack to remain competitive.

talent management

At Yobs, we believe the solution sits at the infrastructure layer of the talent management stack. That is, continuous, integrated competency management.

Can you identify a top trend for AI for Talent management moving into 2021?

We hear about it everywhere, but for good reason. I think remote and hybrid work is forcing talent management teams to undergo a once-in-a-generation shift. Leadership teams in 5-10 years will look back at their talent management transformation efforts today with either a lot of gratitude or a lot of regrets.

Can you give us a sneak peek into some of the upcoming product upgrades that your customers can look forward to?

The Yobs Zoom integration is currently in closed beta and we will be releasing it to the public sometime in September. Stay tuned! And email us at if you want early access.

As Yobs continues to grow, what advice would you give other startups and scaleups?

We’re in a market of extremes at the moment. Play the game to your advantage e.g. attracting capital is hard, but it’s never been more accessible than now and we don’t know how long it will last.

The network is certainly a big lever here, but Silicon Valley is everywhere now. You don’t really need to be in downtown SF to build a large tech business. Above all, I’d say remain focused on your own business trajectory, and whatever you’re investing in hiring, double that.

What is that one quote that has stayed with you throughout your professional life?

It isn’t where you come from, it’s where you’re going that matters!​

Bio for Raphael Danilo CEO at Yobs:

Raphael Danilo was born in France and moved to the US to pursue his undergraduate degree at USC. At USC, he cofounded Yobs, an AI startup focused on HR tech, for which he later raised $2.5M in equity funding and currently serves as CEO. Outside of Yobs, Raphael invests and advises in startups via Evening Fund, a micro VC fund he started with another entrepreneur, Kat Orekhova. They invest $50k-$100k checks into early-stage tech startups.

Bio for Yobs

Yobs transform how remote and hybrid companies recruit top talent, retain employees, and build great company culture. We instantly record Zoom meetings, uncover soft skills and traits, and match people with your culture – powered by AI & organizational science. Our customers include Nissan, Manpower, Spencer Stuart and we’ve raised $2.5m from VCs and angels like Dr. Adam Grant.​


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