Reviewing important concepts of lineal Regression

Regression is probably the first method that students are taught when learning data analysis as it is the most popular application within the industry. Business Companies implement regression to find out responses they want to understand to make projections or make business decisions such as forecasts to identify product prices that will be best accepted […]Read More

Data Science versus BioStatistics

To go from point A to point B, distance, time, and tools are required information to succeed. Data is a term that refers to discrete pieces of information that are normally prepared and kept in a way that is consistent with their intended use and it can be collected with observations.  Data has been present […]Read More

SourceLess Blockchain: Introducing the New Web

SourceLess is a decentralized application for extending your internet or cloud-based system by giving users access to their data using a blockchain. It is designed in such a way that it cannot retain any data from its users because it assigns all of their rights for storage on the blockchain. SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is a […]Read More

How to Learn Data Science from Scratch?

Data Science has been termed as the ‘sexiest’ job of the century by none other than Harvard Business Review. No doubt, it enjoyed the cult status till 2019 and while its popularity dipped a bit in 2020, it was still at No 3 position. According to Glassdoor, it is still the best of the jobs […]Read More

Will Quantum Computers break encryption?

In this article, I will show how a quantum computer works under the hood, how this new technology has the potential to break all the cryptography, in other words, it can be the ultimate cyberweapon. How does a Quantum computer works? Most people say that the difference between a quantum computer and a normal computer […]Read More