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An Analysis of 5 Million Job Postings Showed These Are the 3 Jobs Being Replaced by AI the Fastest 

The number-crunching exercise looking at freelance job postings came to an ominous conclusion for a handful of fields.

Amidst the proliferation of generative AI tools, opinions vary widely on the potential impacts, ranging from optimistic views of leveling the playing field to doomsday prophecies of a looming robot apocalypse. However, much of this discourse is based on limited data, often drawn from specific contexts and worker subsets. 

A recent analysis by Bloomberry, examining over 5 million jobs posted on the freelance platform Upwork from November 2022 to the present, sheds light on the broader landscape, particularly relevant to self-employed individuals, many of whom are readers. 

Researcher Henley Wing Chiu defends their approach, noting that freelancers often serve as early indicators of market shifts, given their nimble and independent nature. The findings paint a mixed picture: while the majority of freelance niches appear resilient in the face of the AI revolution, some professions face significant challenges. 


Among the standout trends, video editing/production, graphic design, web design, and software development roles have seen increases in job postings. Notably, demand for AI-related skills has skyrocketed, with roles such as generating AI content and developing AI apps gaining prominence. 

However, there are notable exceptions. Writing, translation, and customer service roles have experienced declines, attributed to the rise of AI-driven solutions such as chatbots and automated content generation. This trend isn’t surprising, given AI’s early successes in basic writing tasks and customer service. 

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While this data may alarm writers, Wing Chiu warns that other creative fields may not be immune. The uptick in demand for video and image editing roles could be temporary, as companies explore the capabilities of rapidly advancing AI tools in these domains. 

The future impact of AI on various industries remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: freelancers and entrepreneurs should not wait idly for answers. Whether AI disruptions will occur rapidly or gradually, the importance of human-centric skills like creativity, social intelligence, adaptability, and problem-solving cannot be overstated. Those concerned about AI’s impact on their industry should prioritize developing and showcasing these uniquely human attributes. The time to act is now.