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Ascend Integrates Free Ingest Data Management Capabilities into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Solution to boost productivity, lower costs, and accelerate innovation among data teams

MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, the global leader in Data Pipeline Automation, announced today that it will offer free data ingest services into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, offered by Databricks, the data and AI company. The integration of Ascend’s data management capabilities with Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform caters to the diverse needs of today’s data professionals while eliminating the cost of loading and syncing data.

Despite the decrease in IT infrastructure costs due to the widespread adoption of the cloud, data ingestion costs have soared. Companies often find themselves in a predicament: the need for ingestion as the pivotal first step in data value realization is hampered by traditional ingest providers’ inflexible and costly contracts. Ascend’s Free Ingest for Databricks changes the game, providing teams with the agility and speed necessary to thrive in the modern data age, all without the steep costs.

“The widespread adoption of cloud technology has helped decrease IT infrastructure costs, but data ingestion costs have continued to soar,” said Ascend’s Founder and CEO, Sean Knapp. “Free Ingest for Databricks brings us one step closer to a future where data orchestration is frictionless and intuitive, empowering businesses to transform data into actionable insights more quickly than ever.”

“Databricks Lakehouse Platform is already well-known for its ability to streamline data management and drive innovation,” said Roger Muff, VP of Technology Partners. “With Ascend providing free data ingestion, our customers can extract more value from their data and focus on executing data-driven strategies without shouldering steep costs.”

Designed from the ground up for the modern cloud era, Ascend’s architecture offers enterprise-grade security and supports both SaaS and private deployment models, with enterprises receiving a fully dedicated instance inside their own cloud account and network. This ensures that data from sources inside their network never leaves their security perimeter until it is loaded into Databricks.

Earlier this month, Ascend announced an integration with Databricks that enables joint customers to take advantage of Databricks as a cloud data compute platform, allowing users to leverage Ascend’s DataAware™ control plane within their Databricks Lakehouse. In addition, Ascend released a new free, full-featured developer tier for Databricks so that Ascend customers can take advantage of the latest Databricks capabilities.

Ascend is the leader in Data Pipeline Automation for building the world’s most intelligent data pipelines. It’s a single platform that detects and propagates change across your ecosystem, ensures data accuracy and quantifies the cost of your data products.

Customers can automate up to 90% of repetitive data engineering and reduce infrastructure costs with one place for end-to-end observability and automated lineage tracing. The Ascend intelligent control plane enables customers to automatically detect, manage and propagate change, maintain data integrity, and prevent errors. Customers can also accurately cost data products with metadata-driven insights into team and solution resources used across their landscape. Ascend partners at every step of the data journey with product innovation and expert support that frees customers to focus on achieving goals. Learn more at or follow us @ascend_io.



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