Conveyer Policy APIs Bring Federal Rules into Businesses’ Data Ecosystems

TopicLake technology unlocks regulatory insights to put companies in control of compliance processes.

December 29, 2023 06:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

HACKENSACK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Conveyer, a revolutionary AI platform transforming the way that businesses operationalize data, today announced the launch of its Curated Data Repository, a powerful Data as a Service (DaaS) platform that organizes, summarizes, and filters large and complex datasets to enable seamless knowledge discovery. The first dataset accessible via the Curated Data Repository is Conveyer’s U.S. Policy Data solution, a unique, constantly growing resource comprised of more than 16,000 regulations drawn from over 400 federal agencies and sub-agencies.

“For any business impacted by federal rulemaking, the U.S. Policy Data Source is a game-changer”Post this

“Our U.S. Policy Data enables businesses to drink from the full firehose of regulatory policy information in real time, while providing the clear structure and trustworthy data analytics needed to make regulatory information immediately actionable across the enterprise,” says Carolyn Parent, Conveyer CEO. “That’s a game-changer for government agencies, contractors, and enterprises — and a clear sign of the transformative power of Conveyer’s Curated Data Repository.”

A suite of flexible APIs enable organizations to rapidly unlock the full power of Conveyer’s U.S. Policy Data, drawing on a constantly expanding dataset that already incorporates over 16,000 enacted and proposed federal rules dating back to 2020. Conveyer also announced the first free-to-use public version of a subset of its U.S. Policy Data, allowing enterprise customers and other interested parties to explore the solution’s capabilities online via a powerful Microsoft Power BI front end.

Using Conveyer’s proprietary TopicLake™ technology, the Curated Data Repository automatically digests federal regulations into over 328,000 unique Topics, each representing an individual concept or idea. The Topics and underlying text are then further processed to yield over 10.2 million unique GenAI artifacts — including summaries, keywords, categories, auto-generated Q&As, and sentiment analysis — which can be seamlessly activated across existing data ecosystems to enable powerful analytics or create intuitive new tools for non-specialist users.

Conveyer’s Curated Data Repository and U.S. Policy Data bring key benefits including:

  1. Democratized data access, making data insights accessible across the organization for strategic decision making, advanced analytics, compliance assessments, and more.
  2. Dependable data quality, with robust pre-processing to validate and vet content before it reaches users, customers, or downstream AI models.
  3. Transparent data provenance, enabling insights to be activated with confidence and seamlessly verified by compliance teams and legal specialists.
  4. Effortless implementation, with IT teams able to connect to policy data using existing headcount and infrastructure, enabling end-users to seamlessly self-serve data insights.

Using the Curated Data Repository, organizations of all kinds can now seamlessly integrate Conveyer’s U.S. Policy Data into their operations. Key use cases include accelerating product innovation by enabling teams to navigate complex new privacy or security regulations; increasing the speed of legal discovery across disparate datasets; and helping clinicians and healthcare administrators to improve patient care by amplifying the value of existing tools.

“For any business impacted by federal rulemaking, the U.S. Policy Data Source is a game-changer,” Parent says. “We’re turning unstructured federal rules and policies into structured data — and our new APIs enable that data to be harnessed across organizations to enable innovation, support compliance, and drive strategic planning at all levels.”

A subset of Conveyer’s U.S. Policy Data can be explored online, and the Conveyer team is available to discuss off-the-shelf and bespoke API implementations to give enterprises instant access to the full range of federal rulemaking.

About Conveyer

Conveyer is a revolutionary AI platform that ingests organization-wide data and quickly generates high-trust, high-accuracy topics, metatags, and new data for AI models. With 80% of the world’s content unstructured, Conveyer makes the power of AI more accessible across a wide band of high-value use cases.

Conveyer’s Data Transformation product is already trusted and deployed in production by Fortune 100 companies across a variety of sectors, including automotive, industrial, materials, technology, and utilities. These products are a powerful demonstration of the core technology: the ability to transform data using AI into high-trust business applications that dramatically reduce costs and support development of future AI applications by creating pre-packaged, cleaned training data for company-wide digital transformation.

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