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Digital Marilyn Monroe: A Convergence of AI and Iconography

  • Don’t miss out on the groundbreaking debut of Digital Marilyn Monroe AI at SXSW, where the boundaries of emotion and AI are pushed to new and exciting heights.
  • Emotionally Expressive Digital Persona to Serve as Brand Ambassador


A groundbreaking unveiling is set to take place at the South by Southwest (SXSW) tech conference in Austin, Texas: Digital Marilyn Monroe. This innovative creation, powered by advanced AI, promises a new way to engage with the iconic actress more than six decades after her passing. Soul Machines, known for hyper-realistic digital beings, has partnered with Authentic Brands Group to bring this project to life.

The Emergence of Digital Marilyn Monroe:

  • Technology at the Forefront: Soul Machines, an AI firm that leads in AI-driven avatars, collaborates with Authentic Brands Group to create Digital Marilyn Monroe. The marketing firm owns a portfolio of brands, including the likeness rights to Monroe and other dead celebrities.
  • Purpose: The project aims to bridge the gap between past and present, offering a digitally embodied Marilyn Monroe capable of expressing emotions and interacting with attendees in a meaningful way.

The Significance of the Initiative:

  • Beyond Technical Demonstration: Digital Marilyn Monroe transcends mere technological showcase, aiming to spark genuine connections and conversations.
  • Connection to Branding: The collaboration between Soul Machines and Authentic Brands Group signals new possibilities for leveraging AI-driven characters in branding and marketing.

Enthusiasm and Vision:

  • Greg Cross’s Perspective: Soul Machines CEO Greg Cross expresses excitement for the project, highlighting the unique experience of interacting with an AI embodiment of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Meaningful Connection: Cross emphasizes the significance of creating a genuine connection with a beloved cultural icon through AI technology.


Unveiling and Implications:

  • Digital Marilyn Monroe is introduced at an event, poised to spark discussions on the role of AI-driven characters in brand ambassadorship.
  • The unveiling is expected to initiate dialogue on the evolving landscape of digital engagement and the potential of AI to redefine connections with historical figures.

The Future of Digital Engagement:

  • Blurring Lines: The project underscores the blurring lines between technology and humanity, opening new avenues for interaction with cultural icons.
  • Milestone in Digital Persona Development: The collaboration between Soul Machines and Authentic Brands Group represents a significant milestone in the development of digital personas, showcasing AI’s potential to reshape our connections with figures from the past.

The introduction of Digital Marilyn Monroe at SXSW marks a pivotal moment where AI technology intersects with cultural iconography. This initiative not only demonstrates technical prowess but also prompts reflection on the evolving landscape of digital engagement and branding strategies in the age of AI.