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Dive into the Endless Possibilities of Google’s VLOGGER AI System

Explore the world of Google’s innovative VLOGGER AI system that brings still photos and audio clips to life in breathtaking videos.

VLOGGER – Lifelike AI generated Videos:

Google researchers have developed VLOGGER, an AI system that can create realistic videos from a single still photo and an audio clip. The technology uses diffusion models to synthesize lifelike footage of a person speaking, gesturing, and moving, representing a significant leap in animating still images.

Source: https://enriccorona.github.io/vlogger/paper.pdf

Figure: VLOGGER is a novel framework to synthesize humans from audio. 

  • Given a single input image like the ones shown on the first column, and a sample audio input, this method generates photorealistic and temporally coherent videos of the person talking and vividly moving. 
  • As seen on the synthesized images in the right columns, it generates head motion, gaze, blinking, lip movement and unlike previous methods, upper-body and hand gestures, thus taking audio-driven synthesis one step further.
Source: https://enriccorona.github.io/vlogger/

Advancements in AI Research:

  • The VLOGGER technology leverages diffusion models and a new dataset called MENTOR, containing diverse identities and hours of video, allowing for varied ethnicities, ages, and scenarios. 
  • The development of VLOGGER was significantly supported by the creation of the MENTOR dataset, which features more than 800,000 diverse identities and spans over 2,200 hours of video footage. 
  • This dataset is remarkably larger than any existing counterparts by an order of magnitude. 
  • Such extensive diversity in ethnicity, age, attire, poses, and backgrounds enabled VLOGGER to proficiently generate unbiased videos of people across a wide spectrum of appearances and settings. 
  • It has potential applications such as dubbing videos into other languages, creating detailed 3D models of actors, and empowering virtual reality and gaming experiences.

Video: https://enriccorona.github.io/vlogger/ (video)

Google’s New VLOGGER AI is Mind Blowing

Create Talking Human Videos from Image and Audio – VLogger by Google

VLOGGER could enable the creation of AI-powered virtual assistants for engaging human-computer interaction but also raises concerns about misinformation and deepfakes. While impressive, VLOGGER still has limitations in generated video length, background dynamics, and realism of mannerisms and speech patterns. VLOGGER surpasses other state-of-the-art methods in image quality, identity preservation, and temporal consistency, indicating significant progress in AI-generated media.