Example of AR retail Matter to Your Audience

Why AR matters

No matter what sort of app you’re building, you need to be prepared for the future of how people will interact with your software. With the billions of apps already available on the market, the ability to present an experience that lasts longer connects to more parts of the world, and is continuously adapting to user feedback should be a given in today’s day and age. AR will definitely be a huge force in how we interact with devices moving forward, but how can developers prepare for the shift? Not to mention that augmented reality applications have a high chance of ending up on retail shelves within the next few years, giving you an opportunity to get in early to a market that will have a long-term demand for your solution.

How AR is used in retail

The majority of shoppers use AR technology to enjoy videos and images from their favorite websites. Examples of shopping websites that are using AR are VSCO, Pinterest, Etsy, and Google. 3D Shopping. Take a look at the Fashion Nova eCommerce website. The website takes users step-by-step through the clothing options that are available. This example of 3D Shopping allows for the users to be able to visually see what the shoes look like, how they will look on their feet, and the price tag. Know of a great AR/VR/MR startup?

How AR can be used in retail

In some retail businesses, a simple way to use AR is to provide customers with a personal shopper. When a customer enters a store, a staff member will give them a digital hand which allows them to place their phone on the table and pick an item they like. When they look at it, it becomes magically real. When it comes to travel, for instance, the location and time of the flight are changed and overlaid onto the customer’s mobile phone. By having an app with GPS information, the customer can easily see the best route to get to the airport, flight information and confirmation number and most importantly, the time remaining to check-in. There are a number of more clever ways to use AR in the travel industry.


It is easy to get excited about the possibilities of Augmented Reality. But there are numerous challenges and limitations to keep in mind. But with a little effort, you can create a more engaging customer experience that will result in more sales.


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