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The Future of Retail Is Here: The Rise of Covid

Retailers recognize that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on their business and it’s time to think through the longer-term implications. The Future of Retail Think of Covid as the chip company that already does the graphics processing inside your smartphone and which is considering going beyond the mobile device to become an artificial intelligence […]Read More

E-Commerce Big Data: The New Way to Drive Your Business

The rise of big data analytics (or BDA) is a new frontier for innovation and competition in the giant spectrum of the e-commerce landscape. Big data creates new challenges and opportunities created by the information revolution. Retailers using big data analytics can understand the buying behavior of their customers in the context of current market […]Read More

The Importance of Big Data Analytics in Retail

Retail analytics is the process of using big data to optimize prices, supply chain movements, and increase customer loyalty. Big data describes a large amount of data that is used to uncover patterns, trends, and associations, especially with regard to human behavior and interactions. What is big data? Big data is usually defined as heterogeneous […]Read More

Artificial Intelligence In Retail: The Future Is Now

To be competitive today, retailers need to respond to their customers like never before while avoiding waste and inefficiency in their operations. You can get the data there, but it takes some serious insight to understand the volume. What is AI? According to Tech Radar, AI is “an overarching term for machines that can perform […]Read More

Beacons Technology in Retail: The Next Revolution in Marketing

Beacons are small, battery-operated wireless devices that transmit Bluetooth signals to nearby smartphones. They are one of the latest innovations in proximity marketing. In retail, beacons can reach customers who have Bluetooth enabled and the right retail apps downloaded onto their phones. What is a Beacon? A beacon is a small Wi-Fi-connected, battery-operated electronic device. […]Read More

How IoT Will Change Fashion Retail Forever

IoT is impacting the fashion industry quite significantly in different sectors. The very way we dress is changing. What are IoT and its impact on the Fashion Industry? The introduction of IoT is already taking different effects in the Fashion Industry. However, the biggest challenge now will be to understand how it can impact the […]Read More

Example of AR retail Matter to Your Audience

Why AR matters No matter what sort of app you’re building, you need to be prepared for the future of how people will interact with your software. With the billions of apps already available on the market, the ability to present an experience that lasts longer connects to more parts of the world, and is […]Read More

How Augmented Reality impacts your Retail Sales?

With augmented reality in sales, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process and train new sales professionals to introduce them to your products. Interactive digital content displayed in a live environment allows users to immediately understand the relevance and context of your products and services. This automatically results in faster decisions, […]Read More

Smart Shelves using IoT in Retail Store

As you walk down the aisles of a supermarket or department store, the digital display advertisements tailored to your previous shopping history. When store managers want to offer special prices, they don’t need to replace printed sales stickers. Instead, they update the digital display in real-time. This vision for future spending is becoming a reality […]Read More