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Joseph Sirosh

Former Amazon and Microsoft exec Joseph Sirosh Launches Stealthy New Generative AI Startup

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A seasoned tech executive, formerly a corporate vice president at Microsoft and later spearheading search and Alexa efforts at Amazon, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking startup venture: CreatorsAGI. Despite being shrouded in secrecy since its incorporation in January, the company’s ambitious mission is clear: to empower creators to construct their own conversational AI agents. 

CreatorsAGI’s vision is to provide authors, YouTubers, media producers, and other content creators with a platform to develop AI assistants tailored to their unique voice, content, or persona. This innovative endeavour not only offers creators a novel revenue stream but also promises to revolutionize how audiences engage with their content. 

Joseph Sirosh. (CreatorsAGI Photo) 

Imagine a non-fiction writer crafting an AI assistant based on their books, capable of guiding aspiring writers around the clock in multiple languages. Similarly, a fiction writer could fashion an agent that immerses users in the world of their novels, encouraging collaborative storytelling and sparking imagination. 

In an email exchange with GeekWire, the mastermind behind CreatorsAGI, the former Amazon executive, emphasized the platform’s role as a two-sided marketplace. Authentic creators maintain full control over the conversational output of their AI, ensuring authenticity and credibility in interactions. 

While specifics regarding investment raised and team size remain undisclosed, the tech luminary’s track record speaks volumes. Having overseen AI-driven customer interactions at Amazon and held prominent positions at Compass and Microsoft, he brings a wealth of expertise to this venture. 

CreatorsAGI joins a burgeoning landscape of startups capitalizing on the latest advancements in generative AI technology. Notably, the company distinguishes itself by prioritizing what it terms “authentic generative interactions.” By training its chatbots on verified and approved user data, CreatorsAGI addresses privacy concerns surrounding generative AI, setting it apart from competitors. 

The broader landscape of generative AI startups is experiencing exponential growth, with funding skyrocketing and numerous companies valued at over $1 billion. CreatorsAGI represents just one of many emerging players poised to redefine the future of AI-driven creativity and engagement. 

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